How Many Engineers Does It Take To Print A Drawing?

“They would forward emails to me, and I would have to forward them to one of the CAD guys.”

That’s an associate at Environmental Systems Design (ESD), describing her workflow when executives asked her to print drawings emailed by architects and clients.

She said, “Now I can open them myself in Newforma Viewer.”

The Newforma Viewer – a popular feature of Newforma Project Center – opens any of a dozen commonly-used file types, including DWF, DWG and DXF files. The software eliminates delays and interruptions. And in a business that value fast turnarounds, as ESD does, every minute saved contributes to better relationships.

Think about it – something as simple as being able to view, mark up, and print any file shortens your response time to clients. And as executives discover how easy it is to view and redline files electronically, the firm is moving toward fully electronic processes, which enables the firm to automatically capture audit logs, as Newforma software does.

Engineers Maintain High Accountability On Fast Turnaround Projects.

ESD slashes delays by streamlining project information management. Industry surveys consistently rank ESD among the world’s leading engineering companies. One key to the company’s success has been its ability to meet client needs quickly. To find more time for engineering, collaboration and client service, ESD Vice President of Information Technology Mark Andersen sought ways to reduce engineers’ administrative burdens. Andersen is an architect by training. His experience working on projects has given him insights into production processes.

“I’m able to see the impediments that IT can place on the smooth operation of the business,” Andersen says. For example, Andersen says it hampers productivity for project files to be scattered across ESD’s servers, not to mention having email on a server separate from related project documents. He compiled a list of other goals, and looked for solutions. Then he found Newforma Project Center software for project information management.

“The top goals I had set were solved by Newforma Project Center,” Anderson said.

Giving everyone in the organization the power to impress ESD’s Tenant Xpress Team is one illustration of the firm’s fast, efficient project delivery. “A project that may take another firm two weeks to do, our team turns around in a week,” says Vice President Tony Garcia. The Tenant Xpress Team serves commercial building tenants who are setting up shop, relocating or renovating. The faster the turnaround, the sooner they’re back in business.

“We needed a program that allowed us to search quickly, get the information, get it onto the drawings and get it out of here,” adds Garcia. “When I saw Newforma Project Center, I thought, ‘This is what we’ve been looking for.’” Easy file sharing with accountability. “Accountability is key in our business,” he says. “People will say, ‘I never got the drawings.’

With Newforma I can say, ‘Yeah, you did. Here’s the information we have.’ People look at our documentation and say, ‘You’re right.’” Mark Andersen describes the Newforma function for web-based file sharing: “You tell it what files you want and what level of security to give it. And boom! It’s gone. You don’t even think about it again until it reminds you by sending you an email saying everybody’s downloaded the file, or so-and-so hasn’t downloaded it and it’s been seven days.

That’s the beauty of it: You can track who’s downloaded it and who hasn’t. Finding emails: minutes instead of hours. Associate Scott Stokes describes a time when he had to pick a dozen emails out of a thousand accumulated in the course of a project. He used Newforma’s Search functionality to find which archived emails contained the search terms. “I was done in minutes,” he says. “It’s up there with AutoCAD, with Microsoft…” What’s described above are just a few of the functions enabling ESD engineers to reduce time spent on administration and increase time spent engineering solutions and serving clients. “It solves so many of my operational issues and reduce the effort I need to put into bonehead things,” Andersen says. “I told the management team, ‘It’s up there with AutoCAD, up there with Microsoft products. We’re going to use this every day.’” As it’s shaping up, Andersen’s prediction is proving true.

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