Round Up: News From Rhumbix, Redteam, FMI, Grit, and FINALCAD

What’s happening this week in our industry? Here’s our Friday round up of news and announcements from members of the BuiltWorlds network. Want to be included? Send your press releases or story ideas to

1. Rhumbix adds digital time and materials tracking to its platform

Rhumbix’s Field Intelligence Platform™ is a workforce management platform hosted in the cloud. The platform now includes digital time and materials tags, allowing all stakeholders on a project to easily monitor the costs of tools and materials.


2. RedTeam integrates with zlien

RedTeam, a cloud-based construction project management solution, now integrates with zlien, a collaborative payment platform. The partnership promises to provide seamless transitions between project management and payment.


3. FMI releases Owner Survey on Offsite Construction

FMI is the leading management consultant in the construction industry. Working with over 100 owner organizations, FMI conducted a survey to determine the current trends in offsite construction. 61% of respondents felt that there have been changes in the offsite construction environment since 2014.


4. Grit releases product updates

Grit, a construction planning engine that utilizes VR technology, radically updated its VR environment and web application in the past two months. In the VR environment, users can now filter the view based on their individual workflows. Grit has also made all of the planning functionality from the VR environment available on the web application. Additionally, the web application now has multi-screen functionality and displays workflows grouped by subcontractor.


5. FINALCAD launches module for structural works progress monitoring

FINALCAD, a field project management application, allows users to upload blueprints and draw concrete structures on a tablet or smartphone. The application informs the user of the amount of concrete that a project will require each day based on the blueprint.