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Wichita, KS
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Every single object on a construction project is connected to every other object through a series of dependencies and durations. To schedule at this level of detail is too much for a human planner to comprehend, especially when you consider the necessity of recalculating the entirety of the schedule dozens of times a day. Human planners simply cannot keep up.

That is why we created Grit. Grit is a first-in-class planning engine for construction. Grit combines the contextual power of 4D software with the field experience of those who will actually build the project by utilizing a first of its kind virtual reality portal. By enabling teams in the field the ability to provide quantifiable input, Grit provides the most reliable and responsive workflows for project planning available.

Our solution focuses on the primary principles of Lean Construction/Manufacturing but utilize practices from VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) software. We utilize VR (Virtual Reality) and our own unique algorithms to tie it all together.

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