Technology Supercharges Pre-Construction Services: Four Case Studies Illustrate How

Four Topics of Distruption in Preconstruction

With a continuing evolution from a silo'd design/bid/build estimating approach to more integrated and robust pre-construction services, technology is increasingly automating lower value workflows, while enabling pre-construction professionals to deliver ever more value in areas such as conceptual estimating, value engineering, and life cycle costing  - helping their clients save more time and money while also reducing risk and improving the quality of outcomes.

In this Briefing, we highlight four ways pre-construction technology is evolving through the lens of some of this year's past and upcoming calls and conference sessions on the topic.

Members can learn more by watching the past videos and signing up for upcoming events to meet the experts and see their presentations. They can also access research reports such as our Construction Technology Report and our Pre-Construction Reports to learn more about trends, most used solutions, and adoption rates of different aspects of technology. For a survey of players, we also offer our Top Lists and Company Directory. It is all aimed at providing the most comprehensive look at the major themes impacting the industry and the best opportunity to meet and hear from the key players in the sector.

See Our Pre-Construction 50 List For a Sample of Some of the Solutions We are Tracking

Our Preconstruction 50 List focuses on the sub-sectors of preconstruction we follow: Prequalifications, Bid Management, Estimating, Scheduling, Modeling and Visualization, and Value Analysis/Value Engineering.

Case Study One:  Pype and AI-Leveraged Specifications Analysis.

2020 BuiltWorlds Digital Summit – Case Study: Leveraging Tech for Pre-Construction & Planning

2020 Digital Summit Case Study:  Leveraging Tech for Pre-Construction & Planning Thursday, 5/7 1:30pm-2pm We’ll explore how Skanska, ranked #7 on the 2019 ENR Top 400 Contractors, is utilizing Pype […]

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Case Study Two:  Advances in Scheduling: 4D/5D Scheduling & Lean Scheduling with Grit and RIB.

Advances in planning with Grit

This call explored the advances made in the interface between project management & modelling technologies and how that connection is driving efficiency, safety, and risk mitigation.  Dave, Chris, & Brooks also examined some of the types of technology on the market and the opportunities and challenges associated with each of them.

Case Study Three: Modeling & Visualization with IRSIVR and Helix.RE

Analyst Call – Preconstruction Planning: Models & Visualization

We look at the current state of developing true data rich models for use in pre-construction planning as well as the use of virtual reality and visualization to aid in […]

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Case Study Four: Beyond Value Engineering with Join and Perkins+Will

Analyst Call – Performance Building Planning Tools

Leading into Day One of our Projects Conference where we will focus on pre-construction services and project planning, this call will look at some of the next generation thinking around […]

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The foregoing case studies present just a few of the ways the field of pre-construction is evolving in the face of emerging technology. We will continue to learn about other trends and meet the though leaders in subsequent calls and sessions.

In the meantime, we have also published our Pre Construction Report for a deeper analysis of the rates of adoption in different areas of preconstruction technology and the leading solutions in each area.

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Access our Pre-Construction Report to get more details on adoption rates, leading solutions, and other data relating to emerging tech in preconstruction.