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| May 11, 2015


THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015 – 6:00 PM TO 8:00 PM – @ BUILTWORLDS

THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT?  You bet there is!  From video-chatting to GPS trip-tracking, the number of tasks now at our fingertips seems to multiply each day. Just like every other market segment, the real estate industry also has been transformed by the tech revolution. Whether you’re house-hunting, condo-sharking, shopping for new office or retail space, or showing potential investors your vision for remaking an industrial property, the tools of today (and tomorrow) are essential. For this event, BuiltWorlds has assembled an expert panel that will look at how the real estate industry is embracing ways to creatively use the latest gadgets and apps to enable faster and easier online and handheld commerce. All in service to the built environment.

“Every industry is being disrupted now, so those who will survive and thrive in this environment are the ones who embrace that disruption,” says BuiltWorlds co-founder Matt Abeles, himself a former real estate professional. “I admit I still have a soft spot for this market, so I am really looking forward to our program. But owners and developers are driving so much of the innovation in the built environment now that this event is clearly relevant to the rest of our audience, as well.”

This disruptive evening will be sponsored by Cushman & Wakefield and ESD.


James Stein, is a Director at Cushman & Wakefield, where he works in the office tenant representation group, advising clients in Chicago and across the U.S. A graduate of Northwestern University Law School, he first practiced commercial real estate law, representing corporations, nonprofits, and technology firms in transactions involving lease restructures, office relocations and space efficiency analyses.

Event Speakers


Steve Monforton, is a Vice President with ESD Global, and an industry leader in all aspects of technology infrastructure applications for real estate involving the industrial, corporate, public assembly, and data centers markets. He is a founding member of Building Industry Construction Services International (BICSI) and past chairman of the Communication Technologies Forum in Chicago. A member of the Uptime Institute, Monforton holds degrees in both electrical and computer engineering.


Sarah Putnam, is a manufacturer representative with Chicago-based DIRTT Environmental Solutions. Always passionate about sustainable design and the use of technology to improve the built environment, she helps to manage distribution partner relationships. Putnam is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford OH, where she received a degree in fine arts, focusing on interior design and marketing.


Jordan Fishfeld is the founder and CEO of PeerRealty, where he focuses on developing strong strategic partnerships with investors, sponsors, and developers. As a finance attorney, he assisted on more than $1 billion worth of syndicated loan transactions, and now has nearly a decade of successful investing, development and sales experience in real estate.

Matt Weirich is co-founder and CEO of ReaLync Corp., a Chicago-based real estate technology firm that provides real time virtual tour and open house technology. A former management consultant turned entrepreneur with a passion for the crossroads of business, technology, and real estate, he is now helping to change the way consumers around the world tour properties in both the residential and commercial real estate markets.


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