BuiltWorlds 2021 US Summit Sessions: Raymond Levitt, Operating Partner, Blackhorn Ventures

Another person we had the opportunity to meet at the BuiltWorlds Summit this year, is Raymond Levitt, Operating Partner, Blackhorn ventures. As discussed in a profile earlier this year, Blackhorn Ventures has become one of the most active investors in the Built World ecosystem with investments including  Agorus, ALICE, briq, ClimateAI, CoFi, Drawboard, Dwellsy, Foresight, FutureProof, Hive Technologies, Humatics, Hyperframe, Manufacton, Modulous, Near Space Labs, Pype, QuoteToMe, Safehub, safesite, Toggle, Ultra High Materials, and Veerum.  A BuiltWorlds Maverick nominee, Levitt has spent decades in emerging technology and the Built World, as a Stanford professor, an entrepreneur and an investor.

In this Session, learn what technology Levitt is excited about now and hear his insightful perspective on modular building as well as comments on thinking about the lifetime value of buildings.