BuiltWorlds Session: Stephen Forte, CEO, The BuildClub

Stephen Forte, CEO, The BuildClub sat down and talked to us during the 2022 Americas Summit that took place earlier this month in Chicago, IL.

The BuildClub offers a single convenient source to purchase all materials, from lumber and drywall, to electrical and plumbing with very quick and convenient delivery services that can help mitigate supply chain slowdowns and risk with material procurement.

Forte says to think of the company as  “Amazon for building materials”, with same day delivery. GC’s, and Specialty contractors consider us their “outsourced”, sourcing department. The BuildClub saves contractors the fixed cost of having their own people find the right items at the lowest prices, while arranging the logistics to the job sites.

Forte opens up about what he thinks is the single “best” emerging technology – the people themselves. He goes on to explain that the consumers on jobsites have been conditioned to convenient purchasing in their own personal lives away from the jobsites that they have turned the corner and want that same level of convenience now in their work lives as well.

Forte goes on to explain that he also believe outsourcing has long been an underutilized technique that is used across many industries that the construction industry has stayed away from. Forte poses the questions on whether or not you really need someone from the construction industry with industry knowledge to be the ones making the purchases on materials or if someone who is well versed in pricing from a more general standpoint could also support and fill that role on jobsites.

Forte will be joining us as a guest speaker at Venture East Conference taking place May 18-19 in Miami, FL where he will be speaking on a panel geared towards examining the current supply chain issues that are inciting the long term digitization of that industry.

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