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2022 Venture East Conference


11.15.2022 at 8:00AM - 11.16.2022 at 5:00PM


InterContinental 100 Chopin Plaza Miami, FL 33131

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Welcome to the 2022 Venture East Conference! 

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The area in red is where breakfast, lunch, and the reception will occur. The main conference area where all presentations are taking place is indicated by the teal color.


BuiltWorlds Venture Conference series has been the world’s premier conference focused on venture investing in construction and built environment-related emerging technology. Buildings and Infrastructure tech including; planning and design, pre-construction services, construction, modularization, building products and materials, advanced tools, equipment and robotics, logistics and supply chain, and building and infrastructure operations, and management are among the topics we cover. Leading fund investors, strategic investors, and startups gather each year to take the pulse of the industry’s startup ecosystem at the BuiltWorlds Venture Conference.

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Eveart Foster

Director of Technology Adoption, BuiltWorlds

Omar Ghazzaoui

Co-founder & CEO, VOS Systems

Jay Snyder

President, Big Blue Innovations

Daniel Laboe

Director of Venture Investments, BuiltWorlds

Cliff Fetner

Founder & CEO, Soil Connect

Travis Connors

Co-Founder and General Partner, Building Ventures

Momei Qu

Managing Director, PSP Growth

Wouter Devriendt


Daniel Fetner

General Partner, Alpaca VC

Matthew Hudelson

Founder, Inertia

Tyler Sewall

Senior Director, BuiltWorlds

Chloe Smith

CEO and Co-Founder, Mercator AI

Chris Anderson

Founder & CEO, Vantem Global

Chris Bone

CEO, Modulous

Paul Cardis

Co-Founder and CEO, On3

KP Reddy

Managing Partner, Shadow Ventures

René Morkos

Founder, CEO, ALICE Technologies

Tigre Wenrich

CEO, LAB Miami Ventures

Adam Bridgman

General Partner, Ironspring Ventures

Hao Li

CEO, Multipliciti

Matthew Shackelford

Senior Associate, Touchdown Ventures

Guy Benromano

CEO, LightYX

Jason Blumberg

Managing Director, Energy Foundry

Henri Lee

CEO & Founder, Xpanner

Andreas Kern

Growth Investor, Thoma Bravo

Gabriela Rodas

Project Manager, Progreso X

Kaustubh Pandya

Partner, Brick & Mortar Ventures

Stephen Forte

CEO, The BuildClub

Heather Towsley

President, FireGuardia

Bernardo Gamboa

Partner, BuildTech Ventures

Jeff Ouyang

Director of Innovation, UFP Industries

Adam Jaffe

Senior Engineer, Arup

Joseph Angotti

Principal, Grouse Ridge Capital

Ross Bosn

Corporate Strategy Leader, Owens Corning

Erich Wasserman

Founder & President, Rigor

Tim Sperry

Founder and CEO, Carbon Limit

Roger Krulak

President & Founder, FullStack Modular LLC

Diana Swenton

Vice President - Venture Capital, Suffolk Technologies

Rip Furniss

SVP, Houlihan Lokey

Andrea Chico

Business Development Manager, Ferguson Ventures

Raja Ghawi

Partner, Era Ventures

Dedi Ben Natan

CEO, Cloudyo

Michelle Palys

VP of Performance Excellence and ESG, Graycor

Josh Lowe

Co-Founder, AkitaBox

Carlos Arnaiz

Founding Principal, CAZA

Prabhakar Karri

Director, Andersen Corporation

Nick Arnold

Principal, HG Ventures

2022 Agenda

We are pleased to share our official agenda for our 2022 Venture East Conference. All times are in eastern daylight time. 

Day 1 Schedule


Registration & Breakfast


Welcome Address


Keynote Address

There is a generational shift occurring in arguably the oldest & longest-standing paper-trailing sector of our economy: construction. Daniel Fetner, General Partner at Alpaca Ventures, has seen this changing of the guard firsthand. Daniel's dad Cliff was a 3rd generation AEC leader, who ended up launching a B2B e-commerce platform for dirt (the goal of being Amazon for dirt) with a little help from his son, called Soil Connect, embracing the digital advantages that our global economy now relies on. Fetner's inherited passion for advancing the built world is unmistakable and supported by his experience-backed knowledge of this nuanced market, his convictions are ones that you won't want to miss.

Presented By:
Daniel Fetner, General Partner, Alpaca VC


The Rise of Strategic Funds

This CVC-focused panel will take a deeper dive into a few recently launched strategic investment arms in the building tech space -- corporate motivations & strategies: a hedge against the future, outsourced R&D, competition scouting, future M&A targeting, stages of investments, etc.; Investing themes: areas of focus and why; lessons learned: for companies that are "Venture Curious", do's & don'ts of launching a CVC.

Ross Bosn, Corporate Strategy Leader, Owens Corning
Nick Arnold, Senior Associate, HG Ventures


Networking Break


Need for Speed

How has the a typical project delivery lifecycle been affected by the utilization of real time data and solutions previously unavailable to the built world? The availability of current and historical project data across multiple platforms during the planning and execution stages of project delivery is disrupting the speed and efficiency of builders. This panel will highlight cutting edge solutions that are leading this transformation.

Omar Ghazzaoui, Co-Founder and CEO, OTTOGEE Vos Systems
Chloe Smith, CEO and Founder, Mercator AI
Michael Hudelson, Founder and CEO, Inertia Systems
Rene Morkos, CEO and CoFounder, ALICE Technologies


The State of the Built World in Latin America

As investments in construction technology continue to accelerate, the quantity of technology solutions available to builders continues to grow. In this panel, innovation specific to the LATAM region will be considered as we dive into the market and needs of the builders specific to this area.

Chris Anderson, Founder & CEO, Vantem Global
Gabriela Rodas, Project Manager, Progreso X
Bernardo Gamboa, Partner, Global Project Strategy




BuiltWorlds Venture Presentation

Dan Laboe, Director of Venture Investments at BuiltWorlds, will present research data developed by BuiltWorlds shedding light on market trends, key sectors, and what the future may hold.


Near Term Supply-Issues Inciting Long-term Digitization

As global factors continue to put pressure on the supply chain, industries like construction are increasingly looking to technology solutions to mitigate key project risks. In this session, we will hear from a diverse group of technology solutions disrupting the way we manage procurement in the AEC space.

Cliff Fetner, Founder & CEO, Soil Connect
Christopher Bone, CEO, Modulous
Stephen Forte, CEO, The BuildClub
Eric Wasserman, Co-founder and President, Rigor


The Elevating Potential of Horizontal Innovation

Washington's $550B addition to the now $1.2T infrastructure package ($550 from IIJA) is providing well positioned infrastructure players with a secular tailwind as we enter a period of economic unpredictability. This panel will discuss how infrastructure technology is being leveraged to propel industry leaders into Industry 4.0.

Adam Bridgman, General Partner, Ironspring Ventures
Matthew Shackelford, Senior Associate, Touchdown Ventures


Networking Break


Learn from Formworks

This panel will showcase both mentors and startups who participated in the Formwork Labs Accelerator program.

Jay Snyder, President, Big Blue Innovations
Hao Li, CEO, Multipliciti
Kaustubh Pandya, Partner, Brick & Mortar Ventures


Demo Day Competition

A series of construction tech startups will demo their companies and products to a table of judges.



Day 2 Schedule


Breakfast & Networking


A 4D Look at Industry 4.0

Day 2 will be kicked off by a diverse group of 4 investment professionals in the building-tech ecosystem (VC, PE, IB, & a family office), who together will provide a full-coverage look at this still nascent venture space.

Tigre Wenrich, CEO, LAB Miami Ventures
Raja Ghawi, Partner, Era Ventures
Joseph Angotti, Principal, Grouse Ridge Capital
Rip Furniss, SVP, Houlihan Lokey


New Materials for the Future

Building Materials account for 10% of the global CO2 emissions, but pressures from throttled supply-chains and regulatory bodies have forced the AEC space to look for alternatives. This panel will dig into how leaders in the space are viewing innovation in materials, and how new expectations have accelerated the need for newer, better materials.

Adam Jaffe, Senior Engineer, ARUP
Jeff Ouyang, Director of Innovation, UFP Industries
Tim Sperry, CEO, Carbon Limit


Networking Break


When Sustainability & Profitability Collide

As the world looks to become more sustainable in the face of a changing climate, the built environment must join in the contribution. This panel will discuss what it is like starting a company with a sustainability focus, investing in the circular economy, and understanding how to navigate the challenges, regulations, and benefits all while attaining profitability and returns.

Jason Blumberg, Managing Director, Energy Foundry
Andrea Chico, Business Development Manager, Ferguson Ventures
Roger Krulak, President, FullStack Modular LLC


What it Takes to be a Built World Unicorn

No matter what industry you look at, growing a company into a unicorn is an achievement all entrepreneurs and investors seek to attain. In this final panel of the conference, investors in the AEC space will discuss their experiences with incubating startups that achieved this lofty status.

Travis Connors, Co-Founder and General Partner, Building Ventures
Momei Qu, Managing Director, PSP Growth
KP Reddy, Managing Partner, Shadow Ventures
Diana Swenton, Sr. Investment Associate, Suffolk Construction




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