2020 BuiltWorlds Startup Members Point To the Rise of AI, IoT, and User-Centered Design

As we prepare for our upcoming Venture Conference, this is the time of year when we typically highlight the year’s top Built World Venture Investors and biggest deals. Additionally, we want to shine a light on the industry’s new generation of startups. Below, we feature 50 earlier stage and more recently founded BuiltWorlds Member companies.  This new generation of industry tech goes beyond the mobile, cloud-based apps that gained prominence a decade ago and reflects an industry that is forging deeper into AI and Machine Learning and also IoT Sensors, Scanners, and Reality Capture technology. They are integrating models and also actually integrating equipment, buildings, and other “hardware” into the technology in new ways. Studying this list, one sees solutions that promise to introduce more autonomy into an industry that is finally moving off of paper and spreadsheets.

The 2020 BuiltWorlds Startup Member List below summarizes these startups in BuiltWorlds’ network who meet the following criteria:

  • Founded in 2010 or Later, and
  • Have raised $25M or less

Startups below are categorized within the following solution categories (click through their company names to learn more about them on their BuiltWorlds Directory Pages):

  1. Accounting, Finance, & Blockchain
  2. Artificial Intelligence Analytics
  3. Collaboration & Documentation
  4. Equipment Tracking
  5. Image Capture
  6. IoT
  7. Jobsite Management & QA
  8. Machinery/Robotics
  9. Marketplaces
  10. Project Management
  11. PropTech & Smart Buildings
  12. Risk Management


Each startup also lists the company specialty it has been tagged with in the Company Directory, and each startup’s executive(s) active in the Member Directory are listed as well.  Solution Categories, and Startups are shown alphabetically.


Accounting, Finance, & Blockchain

Patrick Murphy, Togal CEO, will be speaking at Day 2 (12/3/20) of the upcoming Venture Conference
  • Vertical

    • Accounting; Collaboration & Documentation; Construction Management; Data Analytics; Financing; Risk Management; Software
BuiltWorlds Demo Drop – Vertical

Artificial Intelligence Analytics

Learn More About Buildots' 2020 $13M Series A Raise in the Venture Dashboard

Jamie Roche, Helix CEO, will be speaking at Day 2 (12/3/20) of the upcoming Venture Conference
Venture Forum Demo Drop_HelixRe
BuiltWorlds Demo Drop – Helix

Collaboration & Documentation

construction technology report
Dado was included within the 2020 Construction Technology Report

Equipment Tracking

Infrastructure Tech in Construction Management
Oded Ran, Clue CEO, recently spoke at the 2020 Infrastructure Conference
Demo Day Thumbnail
BuiltWorlds Demo Drop – MachineMax

Image Capture

  • Evercam

    • Marco Herbst – CEO
    • AI/Machine Learning; Collaboration & Documentation; Communication; Construction Management; Image Capture; Safety; Security; Training & Development
Evercam Demo Drop
BuiltWorlds Demo Drop – Evercam
Sensera Systems Leader, David Gaw presented on the April 15th BuiltWorlds Analyst Call covering the use of IoT in responding to COVID jobsite complexities.

Learn More About StructionSite's 2020 $7.7M Series A Raise in the Venture Dashboard

Matt Daly, StructionSite CEO, will be speaking at Day 2 (12/3/20) of the upcoming Venture Conference


Infrastructure Day Two: Advances in Smart Equipment
Omar Ghazzaoui, Ottogee CEO, recently spoke at the 2020 Infrastructure Conference
Triax was featured recently in the 2020 Smart Jobsites 50 List
WakeCap Demo Day BuiltWorlds
BuiltWorlds Demo Drop – WakeCap
BuiltWorlds Demo Drop – Ynomia

Jobsite Management & QA

Converge was the winner of the 2020 Global Summit Demo Day Competition
BuiltWorlds Demo Drop – Converge


  • Ascend Robotics

    • Machinery/Robotics
  • DroneUp LLC

    • BIM; Data Analytics; Drones; Hardware; Image Capture; Property Management; Quality Assurance; Risk Management; Sensors; Software; Training & Development;
  • Mechasys

BuiltWorlds Demo Drop – Mechasys


Arjun Mohan, Tenderd CEO, recently spoke in an Analyst Call focused on gaining insights from Global Startups

Project Management

Civalgo was recently featured on the 2020 Infrastructure Tech 50 List
Sunil Dorairajan, Pype CEO, spoke at the 2020 Digital Summit on Leveraging Tech for Pre-Construction & Planning

PropTech & Smart Buildings

Infrastructure Tech IoT Maintenance
Sheila Matuscak, CEO and Co-Founder of Coeo Space recently spoke at the 2020 Infrastructure Conference covering IoT and Maintenance in Infrastructure
  • Igor

    • Building Systems

Risk Management

Learn More About Aclaimant's 2020 $10M Series A Raise in the Venture Dashboard

Josh Kanner, Smartvid.io CEO, will be speaking at Day 2 (12/3/20) of the upcoming Venture Conference