About Black Ink Technologies

Black Ink Technologies, LLC (BIT), operating as a Wyoming Company formed in 2019, is an immutable ledger based technology company with a focus on incorporating technological innovations into the construction industry – one in dire need of innovation. Our primary goal is to improve efficiency and limit all stakeholder risk while improving asset quality across the construction and asset ownership/management process. Through true autonomous verification and smart contracts the company’s product, through independent multiparty GPS anchored verifications, creates a digital twin of real property assets that will be fully tradable. With 288 patent claims filed and having been awarded the first patent for smart contract effectuation on a construction site by an oracle the company is protected to move aggressively in the market.

Development Start Date
Q1 2019, for competitive reasons we have limited our public profile in a strategy to gain first-mover advantage while growing our IP portfolio and completing the hardware and software development

Creation of Paired Digital Assets through oracle verification to execute smart contracts for provenance of Truth and then in continuum first into the construction technology industry, then expand.

Funding Amounts to Date
+$2.5M. Friends and family have provided all angel and seed rounds. All funds were used towards product development and intellectual property without executive compensation

Granted Patents
1 (34 claims)

Pending Patents (filed)
10 (288 claims)

Pending Trademarks

Hardware Completed
Real World Bi-Directional Oracle (SiteSUPER) Long existing US based manufacturer ready to meet scaling requirements of business plan

Software Completed
Oracle Operating System
Asset Record Database (Paired Inc)

Software in Development
Ethereum Based Smart Contracts (Estimated Completion For Execution Of First Smart Contract July 2021)

Key Facts

South Carolina, United States
Company Type
Company Specialty
AI/Machine Learning, BIM, Blockchain, Building Operations & Maintenance, Building Products, Data Analytics, Equipment Tracking, Field Management, Image Capture, Inspection, Materials, Planning, Project Management, Real Estate, Risk Management, Safety, Scanning, Scheduling, Tool Tracking, Training & Development, Wearables

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