Trimble: Connected Construction, Digital Construction, Smart Jobsites

BuiltWorlds’ weekly analyst call captured the digital transformation of connected construction, digital construction and smart jobsites from the Trimble perspective: The moderator was Dave Hettinger, Founder & Principal, Entropy.Build who introduced speakers Scott Crozier, VP Civil Construction, TrimbleJonathan Fingland, General Manager, Trimble,  and Eric Harris, Strategic Communications Director, Trimble

Trimble’s connected construction, digital construction and smart jobsites strategy gives industry influencers control, solutions, and a common data environment. They have made significant investments recently building their cloud based collaboration software business; earlier this year they announced success with a cloud-based subscription model featuring transportation modeling systems; these kinds of innovative solutions are what industries are searching for in order to create digital jobsite environments that run with a secure, efficient and coherent process.

Since 1978, Trimble (nasdaq: TRMB) has massed over $3B in revenue, 11k employees in 35 countries, and secured over 300 patents. Trimble has positioned themselves as leaders with their millions of customers and partners. 

The presentation opened with Trimble explaining how their design and production planning solves construction problems. Trimble’s  products and services connect the physical to the digital industry and produce context to connected construction.

Trimble interprets the intricacies of digital construction; Productivity, Quality, Safety, Transparency, and Sustainability and how, in today’s changing environment, to successfully navigate data and model driven construction performance.

The transformation of what it will take to drive this digitization of construction involves data modeling, automation and machine learning (robotics). Combined, these elements each deliver components that create a smart jobsite environment. 

Delivering all these components requires a managed and a systematic approach. Trimble’s concentration on service and the mechanisms involved in serving their customers and their partners exceeds expectations through studied, valuation of trending and advanced research and development.

Connected construction joins the prefabrication method of off-site in the factory to on-site in the field into a virtual dynamic structure. Trimble’s presentation is a must see for how all these fall into place now and in our future.

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