About Entropy

Entropy is the measure of disorder within a system—and it has a natural tendency to increase over time. It’s the reason why projects become less structured over time, often resulting in cost overruns and schedule delays. If left ignored, entropy can quickly dissolve a project into chaos and disorder. In these extreme cases, project participants experience an acceleration of harm.

The mission of the company is to help AECO players fight back against the pull of entropy.

In June 2023, Entropy launched “Documentation-as-a-Service”TM, its flagship, tech-enabled service that runs in the background, by design, allowing AECO players to focus on what they do best: design, build, and operate.

Key Facts

Illinois, United States
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Professional Services
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Accounting, Construction Management, Consulting, Engineering, Insurance, Legal, Owner, People Solutions, Planning, Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Training & Development

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David Hettinger

Founder + Principal
Adoption Leaders 50  Consultant or Advisor  Moderator  Speaker  Writer
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