Kajima’s Newly-Founded Innovation Lab Holds the Future of Construction Innovation

BuiltWorlds is thrilled to be hosting the inaugural Tokyo Summit this October at the Conrad Hotel. This two-day event will facilitate the gathering of BuiltWorlds’ community, highlighting technology, industry globalization, venture opportunities, and innovation within Asia. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain vital insights and connect with innovation pioneers within this dynamic region. A notable source of innovation within Asia is Kajima, who is serving as a sponsor within the Summit and will be featured in the Case Study on Corporate Innovation In the Asia Region. This piece will give a look into the innovation work that they are doing around the globe.

Looking to learn about the built world and innovation within Asia?

Launch of The GEAR

In early August of 2023, Kajima Development Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kajima Corporation, marked the official launch of The GEAR: Kajima Lab for Global Engineering, Architecture, and Real Estate. This lab will serve as a regional headquarters for the company in Singapore, along as a hub for research, development and innovation. The GEAR is dedicated to exploring and experimenting with novel avenues within AEC that will contribute to the expansion of the local economy and job creation while uplifting local talents.

The GEAR building will have five cutting-edge laboratories, and eighteen testbed zones, serving as a hub for Kajima’s operations–continuing their work with sustainable construction materials, advanced building systems, occupant well-being, and intelligent technologies. The facility will collaborate with the Kajima Technical Research Institute of Singapore, with a shared mission of tackling global issues such as climate change and urbanization. The GEAR stands as a beacon of innovation that will drive transformative advancements and solutions that address global challenges, while also nurturing their local communities too.

About Kajima

Kajima Corporation, founded in 1840 with headquarters in Motoakasaka, Minato, Tokyo, operates both domestically and internationally as a general contractor. They specialize in constructing a wide range of buildings, including: commercial, residential, and institutional structures all utilizing advanced technologies and techniques for high-rise and earthquake-resistant construction. They also undertake notable civil engineering projects such as nuclear power plants, highways, and airports. Alongside its construction endeavors, they also engaged in real estate and office automation equipment ventures.