WATCH: Our 3D Printing Panel

If you missed The Realities of 3D Printing, our March 30 special event here at BuiltWorlds, you actually missed a lot. In fact, you missed the future of BuiltWorlds, and by that I mean the dawn of “live streaming” our thought-provoking shows on compelling issues pushing this industry and your business and this industry further and faster than many of us ever thought possible.

That new “live streaming” era for us (and you) continues now with the BuiltWorlds CEO Tech Forum 2016, which continues to unfold, captivate, and engage even as I type this.

But the true beauty of this is that you didn’t really miss out on these presentations. Just as the #BWCTF16 presentations and discussions will soon be available here on our website, so too now is that extraordinarily well-received 3D Printing program, available below in its entirety. So, sit back, relax, and let the future come to you…