BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – Solve

BuiltWorlds is happy to announce that it has made Solve’s Demo Day recording publicly available.  Solve was the Seed Round Champion from our Demo Day Competition on May 5th, 2020.  Solve aims to connect underrepresented & underemployed job-seekers with the employers and resources they need to access previously “hard-to-reach” markets.  Solve has demonstrated a commitment in working with the community to break down barriers to help improve equal economic inclusion opportunities.

Weekly Demo Drops are sponsored by BuiltWorlds Venture Forum (BVF).  BVF brings together action-oriented GCs, engineering firms, and other strategic players in the construction sector that share in the belief that change and innovation needed in the construction industry should be led by the industry itself. BVF members look to accelerate innovation by investing in and piloting the most promising construction technology products and services.  Stay posted to our Call Recordings & Videos page every Tuesday, as we will be releasing a new demo from emerging Built Industry startups across categories like Project Management, AR/VR, Machinery/Robotics, Drones, Data Analytics, AI, Equipment Tracking, & much more.

May 5th, 2020 Digital Summit Demo Day – Seed Round Champion


Solve is a software network that connects systemically underemployed job-seekers with employers and nonprofit resources.  The company’s goal is to empower organizations to help those they serve by connecting individuals to jobs, services, and resources while providing employers with a larger, more accessible talent pool.