BuiltWorlds Session: Alice Leung, Vice President, Brick & Mortar Ventures

Recently, BuiltWorlds was able to collaborate with Brick & Mortar Ventures to launch our first accelerator program, Formwork Labs, to foster a dynamic environment for innovation and growth for emerging construction technology from early-stage companies. In our recent BuiltWorlds Session video series from the 2022 Venture West Conference we were able to catch up with Alice Leung, Vice President, Brick & Mortar Ventures.

Five total startups will be chosen to be a part of the accelerator program where they’ll receive guidance and mentorship from a panel of investors as well as other leading technologists in the space as they continue to try and grow their businesses.

In a recent TechCrunch exclusive, Leung said, “The companies will be evaluated by the same standards and lens as an investment from Brick & Mortar Ventures – we won’t be as strict around customer feedback, but we’ll want access to customer feedback and pilot projects.”

In this Session video, watch as Leung discusses the growing number of generalist investors interested in the construction tech space and why that’s been a huge positive for the ecosystem. Leung also discusses how robotics are reshaping jobsites and the evolution of construction tech.