In a Fragmented Industry, Buy Tech or Build Your Own? Expert Panel Squares off at 2021 U.S. Summit

In the new age of architecture, engineering, and construction technology, all industry-related companies must develop a strategy allowing them to successfully maneuver the ever-changing tech environment. With the rapid development of new technologies, the age-old question, of whether to “Build or Buy?” has been brought back to the forefront of strategy development in the built world. With an ever-expanding array of solutions and use cases and more pressure to adopt, the answer is more complex and the stakes higher than ever.

Join us Thursday, September 2nd at the BuiltWorlds’ 2021 U.S. Summit where moderator Ty Findley (Managing Partner, Ironspring Ventures) will lead a discussion on building vs. buying with panelists: Meg Baldini (VP Corporate Development, Procore), Vivin Hegde (General Manager, ICT, Trimble-Hilti JV, Hilti), David Burns (VP Emerging Technology, McCarthy Building Companies), and Stacy Scopano (VP, JE Dunn Construction).


Strategic Planning: To Build or To Buy (and Points Between)?

Build V Buy Software Summit 2021


What makes one company more successful than another? One major component, relating to building vs. buying, is a company’s ability to efficiently adjust to different environments and scenarios. For any individual company, is it better for them to buy software solutions as a company-wide initiative, or build a solution in-house that is designed exactly to their specific needs? The correct answer is not the same for any two companies and can differ widely—even including a mix of building and buying. Another option for companies looking for technology solutions is to look at potential mergers and acquisitions with a good start on a product that could fit a specific need.

For this session, We have pulled together a diverse cross-section of perspectives. On the one hand, we have players from leading solutions providers, including Meg Baldini and Vivin Hegde. On the other, we have two veteran construction industry executives who have experience with both building and buying software in David Burns and Stacy Scopano. In a world where solutions are proliferating, users are highly specialized, and consumers are increasingly scrutinizing the increasing amounts they are spending on technology, the debate around whether to build or buy is reaching new levels of fervor. This panel will look at key considerations and pros and cons of the different approaches, as well as the increasingly common hybrid approach that companies are taking in the marketplace.

Hear from our Experts: 

“Built world innovation is occurring faster than ever, and we’re watching a digital transformation underway from all angles, startups to incumbents. This pace of innovation has brought to the forefront the age-old technology strategy debate, “Build or Buy?”, and how organizations are responding to this question is quite diverse. While there isn’t one right answer, I can’t wait to unpack how each of these industry leaders is approaching this topic!” – Ty Findley, Managing Partner, Ironspring Ventures

Our Experts:

Ty Findley, Managing Partner, Ironspring Ventures

Meg Baldini, VP Corporate Development, Procore

Vivin Hegde, General Manager, ICT, Trimble-Hilti JV, Hilti

David Burns, VP Emerging Technology, McCarthy Building Companies

Stacy Scopano, VP, JE Dunn Construction

Join us Thursday, September 2nd at the BuiltWorlds’ 2021 U.S. Summit To Learn More About the Building and Buying Strategies