Exploring Roundtable Themes– 2023 Americas Summit

BuiltWorlds’ 2023 Americas Summit is quickly approaching, with pre-events beginning on September 19 in Chicago. This three-day event is curated for top-level, C-suite executives within the AEC industry to connect and discuss the trajectory of the industry with all of the ever-changing technology and innovation. BuiltWorlds is thrilled to be hosting this conference that will feature speakers who are industry pioneers and drive excellence within the ecosystem. Within this piece will be a breakdown of the six roundtable events happening at this year’s Americas Summit.

Interested in connecting with fellow C-Suite excutives?

First Set of Roundtable Sessions (1:15 – 2:15)

  • E&C Forum (Main Stage)

The BuiltWorlds E&C Forum meets monthly as a peer group to discuss a variety of technological and operational topics in order to share ideas, facilitate connections, and improve our organizations.

*The E&C Forum at the Americas Summit will be held on the main stage and open to all Summit Attendees.

  • Building Tech/Sustainability Forum (Breakout Room)

The BuiltWorlds Building Tech Forum is a peer group that meets periodically to discuss all things building technology and sustainability in the built world. Initiatives include identifying and understanding technology used to manage assets more efficiently, innovations in new materials, and net-zero jobsites.

  • CEO Forum (Breakout Room)

The BuiltWorlds CEO Forum is a peer group which serves as a venue for executive leaders across the industry to gather, connect, discuss, and learn about critical trends and technologies in the construction industry. During this meeting, the group will discuss succession management within their organizations, including how to plan for succession, necessary qualifications, and how to think about the longevity of the human capital in their organizations. This call features speaker Jake Appelman, Partner, FMI.

Second Set of Roundtable Sessions (2:45 – 4:15)

  • Small Group Topic Discussions (Gallery)

Attendees will break up into small groups of up to ten per group for discussions moderated by BuiltWorlds Members on a range of topics. Participants will have the opportunity to rotate to three different topic discussion groups over the course of this interactive networking and discussion session. Topics include BIM, innovation in mid-sized contractors, Core IT, innovations in equipment & tools, BI & dashboarding, robotics, workforce technology, and more. This call features speakers: Dana Erdman, VP Technology / Innovation, Bulley & Andrews; Aash Desai, Principal, Helios Construction; Matt Redman, Director Of Technical Operations, Del Amo Construction; Rahul Deshmukh, CIO, Vaughn Construction; Russ Young, CBDO, Tenna; Vincent Melanson, Innovation manager - R&D and special projects, Pomerleau; and Jon Pahl, Director of Innovation, Nabholz.

  • Venture Exit Strategies (Breakout Room)

Over the last decade, the built world has seen thousands of new and repeat founders begin journeys to innovate, disrupt, and revolutionize the industry. A critical, and often misunderstood aspect of the journey is the end of the growth journey when a company then "exits". This session will explore how to think about, develop, and ultimately complete an exit in this industry. This call features speakers: Jeff Herriman, Managing Director, Ascentage; and Jay Snyder, President, Big Blue Innovation.

  • Strategics Working Session (Breakout Room)

This session is set aside for BuiltWorlds strategic members to meet and discuss a variety of research and programming initiatives for the coming year(s). Strategic members have the opportunity to opine on research areas, strategies, and opportunities to connect with different parts of the built industry.