IngeniousIO is changing the way data is received and shared

Construction projects are massive, multi-faceted undertakings with many moving parts. Each job comes with an avalanche of data—price points of tools and materials, estimates of tasks, amount of materials, and the time needed to complete certain jobs. Sifting through all that data and all those numbers is a daunting task, especially given how fragmented many of the solutions and applications companies use to manage all this information are. Fragmentation is a huge concern for many in the industry who are tired of jumping from one application to another. Tying information together and having it accessible in one, single place streamlines the entire management process and saves an exorbitant amount of time.

“Many people are asking ‘why isn’t anyone creating the Google for construction?’” explained Nick Carter, the CEO and founder of IngeniousIO, a technology platform tackling this very problem.

IngeniousIO is cloud-based platform, devoted to the entire construction industry, that is trying to radically change the way data is shared on building projects. It covers everything from bids and proposals to material and equipment logistics, and aims to assist developers, architects, general contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors. IngeniousIO touches every aspect of a construction project, so users don’t have to hop from application to application. This saves time and ensures nothing is lost in translation.

Yet, IngeniousIO is also taking things a step further beyond by fixing the segmentation issue. Unlike other platforms such as Procore and Sage, the company is also trying radically change the way construction organizations receive and share data. Carter said platform is trying to move large construction companies away from simply sharing documents containing large amounts of data. Instead, they are trying share that data itself. Essentially, IngeniousIO is untethering data points from documents and making them more fluid and easier to share. This real time exchange of data will streamline many operations and increase collaboration.

“Collaboration by sharing documents is really not evolving the industry into something that is much more efficient,” Carter said. “It only makes people more organized with their documents. By organizing data, we can actually make an impact on efficiency or how processes are executed.”

According to Carter, receiving a batch of documents attached to an email isn’t exactly helpful to a manager as “there is no standardization behind that information.” With IngeniousIO, he wants to actually standardize data so that it can be compared with other data points, and users don’t have to hunt them down in a document. With IngeniousIO, users have a dashboard containing actionable items they can interact with and accept. This allows you “to move onto the next process without sifting through documents or doing annotations.”

Moving forward, fixing the issues of fragmentation and data separation are vital for construction platforms. Yet, technology and software companies such IngeniousIO are not only addressing these issues, but they are also actively trying to push the built industry forward and reinvent the way data is shared and consumed.

BuiltWorlds partnered with IngeniousIO to bring you this article. IngeniousIO is a simple, intuitive, and low cost cloud solution that fills the gap in the construction services market. They are supporting sponsor of the BuiltWorlds Chicago Projects Conference on June 28.