Kajima taps Alice Technologies in Effort to Streamline Construction Scheduling

BuiltWorlds members Kajima and ALICE Technologies are partnering in an effort to streamline Kajima’s construction scheduling efforts. ALICE leverages AI to analyze a project’s complex building requirements, generate highly efficient building schedules, and tune those schedules as needed during construction. Through the use of these powerful AI tools, ALICE Technologies will allow Kajima to create thousands of scheduling options that project managers can then examine and chose from. ALICE’s scheduling platform will also allow Kajima to resequence the schedules as circumstances on the jobsites change, allowing for quick pivots that will help Kajima stay on schedule and under budget.

Kajima, one of the largest and oldest construction companies on the planet, has a long history of innovation in the construction industry. In 2020 Kajima invested $100M to open an innovation center in Singapore and has been making strong pushes for the implementation of tech-centric tools on their projects. Yuji Doi, Technology Development Manager at Kajima, moderated a panel last week at BuiltWorlds Venture West Conference in Palo Alto that highlighted several of the technology solutions Kajima is working with with including; Near Earth Autonomy, HoloBuilder, ZaiNar, and Resonai.

Kajima’s partnership with ALICE and their dedication to leveraging available tech is another example of where the construction industry is headed and the exciting road that lies ahead in the world of construction technology.