Master the New Logistics of Modular Construction for Your Projects Now

Explore innovations in software to best implement modular construction solutions. Credit: FullStack Modular LLC


More construction is taking place offsite. Modularity allows for faster onsite installation and reduced construction costs – with the right software approach, particularly in logistics. Join us on March 3rd at 10 am CT with MSuite, FullStack Modular, and Offsight as we discuss software to manage the logistics of modular construction.


Credit: Offsight


 Sync Modular Construction Logistics with Offsight

Offsight is a factory-ready project management software for modular and Offsight construction. Leverage Offsight to view real-time production status on each segment to meet your lead times, syncing tracking statuses with delivery schedules for full control.


Credit: Fullstack Modular


Explore Rapid Module Design Iterations with FullStack Modular

FullStack Modular aims to build high-rise buildings faster and more cost-effectively than convention construction. FullStack Modular has developed a parametric layout application using our module types for rapid design iterations. Discussion led by Roger Krulak (President & Founder).


Credit: MSuite

Track Modular Construction Fabrication in Real-Time with MSuite

MSuite is a management suite for the construction industry to better track, manage, and share KPIs from productivity to health of projects throughout the construction life cycle. MSuite enables better logistics management for modular construction with the ability to track fabrication in real-time. Discussion led by Britton Langdon (CEO).


Credit: Offsight


 The Logistics of Managing Offsite Construction

New construction software is adapting to improve the logistics with modular construction from design to installation. Learn about new solutions on how leaders in the construction industry are improving modular designs from rapid prototyping, tracking modular fabrication, and sequencing modular deliveries and installations.  


Credit: FullStack Modular


More About Modular Construction…

Modular building is a prefabricated process consisting of repeated sections called modules. Modular construction must be considered in all stages of a project’s lifecycle – from design to building erection. The key benefits to modular construction lay in reduced production times, leaner supply-chains, and limiting redesigns. Modular construction projects finish twice as fast, on average, compared to traditional construction techniques. Once on the jobsite, the reduction in customization, complexity, and RFIs allow construction workers to set modules in place, locking them together to create a seamless building.