About Offsight

Factory Ready Project Management Software For The Modular And Offsite Construction Industry. Offsight solves the delivery, quality, traceability and communication challenges of custom and project based manufacturing.

Leverage Offsight to view real-time production status on each order to meet your lead times. We sync order tracking status with your project’s delivery schedule and send notifications when orders fall behind schedule. Offsight’s collaborative tools allow you to assign specific tasks to your engineering, customer service and operations teams. Leverage Offsight’s solution to document the manufacturing process from initial assembly to final shipment. Review and export detailed production order profiles with timestamped images and tasks to assist customers with installing and servicing products onsite. Leverage our mobile features to track the whole manufacturing process in real time. As Operators and Quality Inspectors complete tasks, any production, quality, or material issue can be flagged. Track rework/repairs live through our app and console. Enhance visual inspection with our image capture functionality.

Key Facts

California, United States
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Inspection, Prefabrication & Modular Structures, Project Management


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