Building Tech 50 List 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Building Tech 50! This list features leading companies in the landscape of the smart building, with each offering innovative solutions in the areas of asset management, tenant services, high-performance materials, energy systems & HVAC, sensors & robotics, modular systems, real estate tech, interiors, and internet of things (IoT). From connected sensors to analytics platforms, solar panels, smart lights, modular furniture, and more, these solutions are pushing the boundaries of how buildings are designed, built, operated, and maintained.

Based on finding detailed in our associated Building Tech 50 Report, this year, we elected to focus the list on the diversity of themes gaining traction in Building Tech Marketplace. From earlier emerging energy and access-related tech, we now see a wide spectrum of technologies in the sector, and for that reason, this year, the list is broken down into nine categories.

Additionally reflective of the vibrancy of this area of the industry's tech sector, unlike in past Building Tech 50 List editions, we have almost exclusively focused on emerging startups in the sector. So you mostly see companies founded in the past decade.

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75 is a building controls company that makes smart building automation affordable and easy to deploy while improving occupant productivity through enhanced comfort and indoor air quality – all while saving energy and the environment. The company leverages IoT, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning for data-driven, proactive building intelligence and controls for HVAC, lighting and energy optimization. 75F is backed by investment groups including Breakthrough Energy Ventures, and the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative.


PassiveLogic is revolutionizing the building automation industry with its modular control systems.


Openpath provides mobile enabled cloud-based access control system solutions that support mobile phone, badge, and key card credentials, and PIN codes access.


Good2Go access and queue management uses IoT to connect technology to every day situations, increasing consumer convenience and retailer customer service. In short, Good2Go provides access to the places people want to go. The Good2Go restroom-on-demand app handles everything from locating the nearest facility to unlocking and opening the door. Enjoy touchless access and modern, water-conserving fixtures for an altogether upgraded experience. Good2Go restrooms are ADA compliant, all-gender, and include baby changing stations.


Willow enables the digital transformation of the built world. Our mission is to empower every person and organization to connect with the built world in a whole new way.


Space utilization and occupancy planning tool that provides data insights to occupiers to efficiently manage the real estate footprint.


Akeptus allows you to connect to and manage all of your home devices from a single location. Here, the convenience factor is enormous.


Spaceti is a leader in proptech, providing an end-to-end digital solution that consists of flexible and advanced analytics, a mobile app, and a range of sensors. Spaceti enhances the satisfaction, productivity, and wellbeing of people in workplaces.


T2D2® (the Thornton Tomasetti Damage Detector) is the droid you’re looking for. It uses artificial intelligence to detect and categorize damage and defects – including cracks, spalls, corrosion and more – by analyzing images and video.





Leading commercial real estate firms rely on the HqO tenant experience platform, tenant engagment services, and tenant engagement app to adapt to evolving market needs, maximize asset value, and deliver a modern tenant experience.


Increase your buildings ROI and valuation with Livly’s property management software.


Mobile facility access in real estate, parking, logistics and transportation

Join Digital

Join is a customizable digital services solution designed for the needs of today’s commercial buildings, flexible offices and digital workspaces. From high-perforamnce internet, to secure and scalable digital and cloud services, Join delivers a secure, all-in-one technology infrastructure and modern digital experience.




Inovues has developed a novel technology for upgrading building facades and windows to become smart, energy efficient, and sustainable without replacement.

NEXT Energy Technologies

NEXT Energy has developed windows that contain transparent photovoltaic coatings printed on glass which transform UV & IR light into electricity. Their current product aims to provide seamless integration into windows and eliminate the encapsulation costs of traditional solar energy.


Nexii is an innovative and sustainable whole building solution that enables the rapid assembly of high‑quality buildings. This whole building solution is made possible by the proprietary and patented material Nexiite and the Nexii design and assembly process. Together they enable the construction of cost‑efficient buildings that are both sustainable and resilient.

VG Smartglass

Simple, affordable, smart glass for privacy, glare and energy control window and door applications. VG Smartglass delivers instant privacy, energy and glare control for any type of glass or window application.



Energy Vault

Energy Vault is a Swiss-based, global technology company and creator of the world’s first economical, utility-scale gravity-based energy storage system (GESS) that is not dependent on land topography or underground geology. Energy Vault’s transformative energy storage technology enables renewables to deliver – for the first time – around-the-clock baseload power for less than the cost of existing, full amortized fossil fuel plants. Our ready-to-deploy storage solution combines the principles that underpin traditional gravity-based pumped hydro plants with a revolutionary system design that includes a 6-arm crane and 7,000 composite bricks, all orchestrated with a proprietary, machine vision AI-software platform that autonomously manages the movement of the bricks to charge/discharge electricity.


GridPoint’s technology and services include intelligent, real-time control, equipment-level submetering and monitoring hardware, big data analytics software and energy management services.


CarbonBuilt’s Reversa™ process transforms carbon dioxide (CO₂ ) taken directly from industrial processes, biomass boilers, or emerging direct air capture solutions into a low carbon, but otherwise “no compromise”, precast concrete product. Reversa’s breakthrough use of low cost and low carbon materials enables this capital and energy efficient curing process to deliver an 80%+ reduction in concrete’s carbon footprint along with a 30%+ financial return.

IBIS Power

Provider of innovative solutions of renewables to make clean energy available for everyone in society in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way.


Intellihot is a highly innovative green technology company that is dedicated to providing energy solutions that lower impact on the planet.


Pavegen Systems is a technology company that has developed paving slabs to convert energy from people’s footsteps into small amounts of electrical power.


DABBEL is the AI-Autonomous Building Management System (AI-BMS). The next generation of BMS´s based on a new core, an AI model-based predictive control able to self-adapt to every building by itself and replace the human brain of the Technical Facility Manager in charge of the HVAC and energy systems in commercial buildings. The DABBEL AI saves up to 40% of the HVAC energy consumption and CO₂ emissions in commercial buildings. DABBEL – Automation Intelligence GmbH was founded in 2018 with the mission to develop the most scalable, cost-efficient and sustainable Building Automation Technologies to make buildings energy-efficient and actively fight climate change while at the same time improving the well-being of people indoors.en Systems

enVerid Systems

@enVerid’s mission is to improve energy efficiency and indoor #AirQuality in commercial and educational buildings around the world.


Aircare is an Italian project that redesigns the indoor wellbeing paradigm, its direct focus on air quality and comfort control is dedicated exclusively to people’s well-being.



WaveScan Technologies

WaveScan is an A*STAR spin-off company specializing in the R&D of disruptive beamforming electromagnetics based smart sensor systems and advanced AI algorithms. Our proprietary technology builds upon nearly a decade-long R&D on microwave & millimeter-wave wireless sensors and is capable of high-resolution 4D sensing for non-destructive testing (NDT) applications. We provide an end-to-end AI-enabled asset inspection solution, addressing the specific needs of the built environment sector. Smart sensor systems, integrable with autonomous vehicles, along with a centralized AI-enabled analytics solution, are the future of active inspection systems for sustaining resilient infrastructure. At WaveScan, we envision safer, productive & livable cities by creating a predictive maintenance ecosystem through data-driven standardization of inspection processes. We are looking for global partners & early-adopters to join us in our mission of disrupting the practices of how infrastructure & facilities are planned, built & managed today.

LEPO Systems

LEPO is a revolutionary system for fully autonomous glass facade cleaning robot.


Infogrid provides end-to-end connected sensor solutions which make buildings smarter – quickly, affordably and securely. Sensors are small, unobtrusive and low-cost. Implementation takes minutes. Data is transformed (using proprietary algorithms and machine learning) into actionable energy and cost saving insights, and easily integrates into existing systems. And the Infogrid system pays for itself in weeks, rather than years.


LidBot provides IOT Sensors in Waste/Recycling Bins.






BLOX designs and manufactures Medical Modules and building components utilizing a better model, Design Manufacture Construct. BLOX assists in implementing lean construction through use of modular and factory built assemblies.


Factory OS is revolutionizing home construction. We’ve combined pioneering technology with tried-and-true manufacturing methods to build multifamily modular buildings more efficiently and at a lower cost. We’re building more affordable homes, creating good local jobs, and funding innovation.


The Modulous Fastrack solution is a digitally integrated process enabling the rapid design, assembly and delivery of high quality, affordable, sustainable and smart homes.


Cover is an LA-based startup company that manufactures fully complete wall, floor, and roof panels in its factory, then transports them on a standard truck and assembles them on-site — without a crane.


Falkbuilt is digitizing interior construction. Digital Component Construction is a new process that incorporates tried and true construction components and methods with next-gen technology. We are revolutionizing the process, creating tremendous efficiencies on the job site and future proofing the interior construction industry. We manufacture everything in our factory and deliver precise components onsite for a fast, efficient and clean install. We use far fewer materials, speed up the schedule and eliminate waste on the job site. Because components are digitized, there’s no pile of garbage at the end and no need for bins or tipping fees at the landfill. Plus we have endless design options, infection control and superior acoustics. That’s why we say we are conventional construction on steroids.


Factory Ready Project Management Software For The Modular And Offsite Construction Industry. Offsight solves the delivery, quality, traceability and communication challenges of custom and project based manufacturing. Leverage Offsight to view real-time production status on each order to meet your lead times. We sync order tracking status with your project’s delivery schedule and send notifications when orders fall behind schedule. Offsight’s collaborative tools allow you to assign specific tasks to your engineering, customer service and operations teams. Leverage Offsight’s solution to document the manufacturing process from initial assembly to final shipment. Review and export detailed production order profiles with timestamped images and tasks to assist customers with installing and servicing products onsite. Leverage our mobile features to track the whole manufacturing process in real time. As Operators and Quality Inspectors complete tasks, any production, quality, or material issue can be flagged. Track rework/repairs live through our app and console. Enhance visual inspection with our image capture functionality.




Veev is a hybrid real estate solutions company that reinvents the way homes are built and experienced.


Density measures how people use space in real-time without invading privacy. Using proprietary depth sensors and deep learning algorithms, the platform accurately and anonymously counts people in real time. Organizations use Density to improve efficiency and enhance the occupant experience in their buildings, workplaces and real estate. Unlike a camera, Density’s platform doesn’t capture personally identifiable information and is purpose-built for accurately measuring how people use physical space. Together, Density’s customers manage over 1 billion square feet of corporate real estate. Density was founded in 2014, with offices in San Francisco, New York City, and Syracuse, New York.


NavigatorCRE is a patented, CRE operating platform built for all asset classes and operations that integrates and aligns data, point solutions, and teams to streamline workflows and accelerate decision-making.

Coeo Space

Find space today. We use our custom match scoring algorithm to join people and teams with space by matching the amenities they desire with available spaces in the areas they select.


Swivel is on a mission to transform the entire office experience. With its digital leasing platform, Swivel enables property owners to offer tenant clients flexibility in how they evaluate, lease, and utilize office space.





Green buildings are expensive. Cove Tool can save 2-3% off the cost of the building. Analyze Millions of Combinations. FAST. With energy codes updating across America, many developers are rightly worried about the rising costs associated with compliance. The ultimate goal of these codes is to reach net-zero-energy buildings by 2030. Simply carrying on in business as usual fashion is a recipe for dramatic increases in cost per square foot. The AEC industry in general relies heavily on the belief that what worked on the last project will work for this one. Most architects and engineers comply with the new energy codes by specifying the most expensive systems, wall types, windows and control options.


Bring your space to life with our innovative living wall systems. At Sagegreenlife, we believe nature plays a vital role in creating a productive and effective environment for people. Let’s make the world a greener place together.


At ROOM, we are reimagining the modern workplace. After years of struggling with noise in open plan offices, we decided to create a room of peace and quiet. A private space to think, breathe, and unwind. It’s a simple idea that can change the way we live by giving us more room to think, grow, and be ourselves. Our first product, the soundproof phone booth, is designed with real people in mind. It’s engineered with 60% recycled plastic bottles to do more by using less, creating a better environment for all. Assembly takes less than 30 minutes, and we sell directly from our factory to businesses. This helps us offer our booth at half the price of others on the market, making it the smart, affordable solution for open plan offices around the world. It’s our way of making more room for everyone.

LuxBalance Lighting

LuxBalance™ Lighting creates lighting solutions that embody people-centricity in its technology. We design light experiences that brighten-up lives and illuminate ideas.




Aquicore is the leading IoT solution for commercial real estate operations. Track and report on asset performance from our intelligent unified platform.

Smart IoT

Smart IoT is the leading Internet of Things (IoT) company and innovative automation provider in the UAE, we specialize in IoT and smart solution


Doordeck's access control cloud software solution exists to solve the changing needs of the office by enabling smartphone and apple watch entry for commercial buildings via NFC technology.


VIVIOT is a company that has developed a smart space platform with a focus on seamless integration with existing systems and more importantly redefining smart spaces into people and business-centric smart spaces. VIVIOT’s vision is to empower space owners, property managers through its user and business first approach which essentially encourages value creation and enables scalability as well as powers new and innovative business models. As a platform VIVIOT is a fusion, an ecosystem of multiple elements —people, processes, services and things — all together in a business and people-centric smart spaces to create a more immersive, interactive and automated experience for a target set of people, industry scenarios and buildings or spaces itself.

Buildings IoT

Buildings IOT is rare in that we develop and deploy cloud-based building analytics solutions, we implement complex Integrated Building Management Systems with our in-house MSI team, and we provided managed services to IT teams. We excel at all of our efforts because we know buildings. We started as a controls distribution company in the mid-1950s and we’ve evolved as technology has enabled more control and visibility across building systems.


Cohesion is a Building Experience App that integrates building systems, enhances tenant experiences, provides smart controls, and delivers actionable insights for commercial real estate.