Navigating Waves of Data: How AEC Companies Tackle Automated Construction Dataflow

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It takes a village to raise a child – and, apparently a building as well. Multiple stakeholders have their own data and builders must learn to manage this flood of incoming data to meet project deadlines. Learn how automated dataflow is managed within an integrated tech stack with Ryvit, Helm, Kajima, and Tarlton on March 18th at 10 am CT.

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It’s All About Efficiency – Prioritizing Data and Avoiding Duplications

Humans have a limited attention span to detail. To be successful, we continuously sort and prioritize pieces of data that are pertinent, relevant, and accurate. Any construction job has the challenging task of managing all this data. Several stakeholders have their own processes, deadlines, and inputs; resulting in a frenzied state of trying to rank and prioritize what we need when we need it.

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Automation is Changing how Data is Handled

Automation is changing the game. It can process data management and the heavy lifting for you, giving everyone a seamless experience to access data from a central database. This reduces errors, saves time by eliminating duplicated data entry, and gives you space to spend your energy on the most important items: Using your expertise to make real decisions.

On many construction projects, the same piece of information is stored on different data structures (data formats). An automated dataflow connects a separate database to seamlessly integrate all available project data. This is an evolving process to account for all the data from all your partners. We will discuss how this specifically affects construction and jobsites, through personal experience stories followed by a Q&A session.

Meet the Moderator

Mike Cisar, Director of Customer Success from Ryvit, works to provide long-term value by calibrating daily activities to long-term team goals. Ryvit is an integration platform that powers dataflow between some of the biggest names in construction technology. Ryvit’s solutions enable a seamless flow of data between the most popular SaaS applications in construction.

Meet the Panelists

Tom Stemm is the CEO of Ryvit. Tom is a highly strategic forward thinker with over two decades’ worth of experience in construction and technology. He’s a big technology enthusiast with deep and broad experience building companies from the ground up.

Credit: Ryvit

Neil Lovelace is the Technology Manager for Kajima. With over two decades of construction management experience, Neil has implemented new technologies to streamline operations. Kajima Building & Design Group is engaged with construction, architecture, engineering, real estate development, and more around the world. Kajima serves as both the project developer and contractor with over five decades of experience in the US.

Credit: Kajima Building & Design Group

Travis Voss is the Leader of Innovation Technology from the Helm Group. Travis uses his background in technology to explore, adapt, and develop technologies and workflows specifically for construction. The Helm Group is a leader in HVAC, plumbing, and industrial construction as well as building automation services.

Credit: Helm Group

Scott Green is the Director of Technology, Quality, & Productivity from Tarlton. The Tarlton Corporation is a general contractor and construction manager excelling in complex new construction and renovation across diverse markets. WBENC-Certified, Tarlton is a sustainable builder with a track record of successful LEED projects.

Credit: Tarlton Corporation

From the Experts:

BuiltWorlds is proud to partner with Ryvit to bring some of the most tech-forward minds in AEC together for a special panel discussion about the benefits and challenges of automated dataflow within an integrated tech stack. Join Tom Stemm (Founder/CEO of Ryvit), Travis Voss (Director of Innovative Technologies at Helm Group), and Neil Lovelace (Technology Manager at Kajima Building & Design Group) as they discuss the power of eliminating duplicate data entry and automated data validation through personal stories and open Q&A.

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Don’t Get Left Behind on Dataflow Automation – Join Us March 18th at 10 am CT