Round up: News from FARO, CannonDesign, IrisVR, Modern Niagara, and WeatherBuild

What’s happening this week in our industry? Here’s our Friday round up of news and announcements from members of the BuiltWorlds network. Want to be included? Send your press releases or story ideas to

1. FARO releases FARO® Design ScanArm® 2.0

FARO, a leading provider of 3D visualization solutions for the AEC space, released the second version of its Design ScanArm®. The Design ScanArm® allows users to easily create 3D point clouds of objects. According to FARO, the second generation “delivers up to 25% improved system accuracy compared to the previous generation.”


2. Hilda Espinal of CannonDesign shares her insight into architecture technology

Hilda Espinal is the CTO of CannonDesign, a world-renowned architecture firm. Architect Magazine interviewed Espinal, asking her to share her insight into which cutting-edge architecture technologies would be most popular in 2018. Espinal related that VR simulations will help architects better predict the impact of dramatic weather events and day-to-day wear on buildings.


3. IrisVR highlights the utility of Prospect for sun position studies

IrisVR’s Prospect is a software that converts 3D models of construction projects into virtual reality spaces that users can walk through. In a blog post, IrisVR informed users about how to perform sun and shadow studies using Prospect’s Sun Settings tool.


4. Modern Niagara announces project at the Algonquin College Carling Campus in Ottawa

Modern Niagara will upgrade over 50 bathrooms at the Algonquin College Carling Campus in Ottawa.


5. WeatherBuild analyzes Schedule Delay Analysis of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

WeatherBuild is an application that gives construction teams actionable data regarding the weather. WeatherBuild’s blog highlighted that, according to the Schedule Delay Analysis of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), weather is one of the three most frequent causes for schedule delays on construction projects.