US Summit a Success: Project Delivery, Infrastructure, and Global Summit Up Next

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With the success of our BuiltWorlds Digital US Summit last week, we are looking forward to moving ahead with three more outstanding digital events where our members can continue to learn and connect. In 2014, we started our journey via digital and social media, and we are excited to be putting our digital platform at the center of the BuiltWorlds Member experience as we move forward.

In the months to come, through three major events spanning nine days of continuous programming, weekly analyst calls, demo drops, and Forum meetings, we expect to bring our members nearly one hundred high quality learning sessions helping provide depth of perspective on industry trends and emerging technologies, insights from connecting dots others don’t, and help enabling thought leaders from across our vast ecosystem to meet, learn from one another, and even do business with one another.

For those still considering the value of our digital events, here is what some of our members had to say about last week’s Digital Summit:

“Impressive content delivered in digestible chunks. Well done.”

“BuiltWorlds is a phenomenal resource for those in the AEC industry, in particular their Summit, which brings together thought leadership and practical application of innovation that can impact the industry. Thank you for pivoting to the virtual format this year in response to COVID-19 to bring this valuable content to the masses. Well done event!”

“Well done, BuiltWorlds. Rather than throw in the towel, you found a different and innovative platform for the Summit. The content was even more relevant in today’s disrupted economy, so I’m very grateful to have been able to participate–even if remotely.”

It was a strong start, and we will also continue to iterate to ensure that we make each successive experience with BuiltWorlds even more valuable. As we move forward, BW Members will be better able to connect with each other through the integration of our interactive directory, exchange with each other via our forums and boards, and learn from each other through related news, research, and other content – all through their BuiltWorlds Member Dashboards. All in all, we are excited to bring our global community a comprehensive, robust, and smart online resource to bring us all closer together!

With that, we are pleased to announce three exciting Digital Events in the months to come:


BuiltWorlds Project Delivery Conference
BuiltWorlds Project Delivery Conference

Over the span of three days, we will look at how technology is changing the way we approach our projects. We will divide the conference into three topics over the time. On day one, we’ll examine how we plan for projects through design development, estimating, scheduling, value engineering, and procurement. On day two, we will look at how we manage our projects at an enterprise level and “from the office.” Finally, on day three, we’ll dive deep into field solutions and the smart job site. As usual, helping one another get to know each other as peer resources over the time, we’ll work through each changing step in the way we take our buildings and infrastructure from concept through completion.


2020 BuiltWorlds Infrastructure Conference
2020 BuiltWorlds Infrastructure Conference

Companion to our spring Buildings Conference, Infrastructure is where we look at non-building structures. Mobility, energy, data, water, waste, and industrial process infrastructure all requires its own specialized solutions for planning, execution, and operations and maintenance. Heavy equipment and machinery as well as site work solutions, drones, and other tools and equipment figure prominently in the infrastructure conversation along with questions of how technology can be leveraged to assist in the planning and financing of projects and also to produce more responsive, efficient, sustainable and resilient structures. It is a very big topic and a critical topic given the times.


2020 Digital Global Summit
BuiltWorlds 2020 Global Summit

The world is an incredible laboratory for finding valuable insights about and emerging technologies and ideas.  We have also found an incredible ecosystem of industry players, investors, technologists, and entrepreneurs eager to meet and collaborate with their peers around the world. At the Digital Global Summit, we will explore the Built World ecosystem beyond North America, forge a broader network of relationships and gain a deeper set of strategic insights.

We’ll have a Demo Day, workshops with members from around the world, and then a day highlighting global centers of excellence around the world in areas such as Smart and Sustainable Buildings, Robotics, Smart Cities and Infrastructure, and Sensor/Reality Capture. We will meet with industry players on different continents to learn how they are adopting to industry changes, and we’ll examine what venture and investing looks like in different regions around the world.

All sessions will be open only to members, and through the BuiltWorlds app, members will be able to pick the sessions they want to attend, see who else is attending, connect with attendees, learn about member companies, see related content, view recordings of sessions, and more. We will also be creating more opportunities for break-outs, discussions, and questions in order to help members get to know members. We hope you’ll join us as each member brings an added resource while gaining the resources of the entire network for his or herself. For more information visit our member network page or reach out to