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Digital Global Summit 2020

The Built World Ecosystem is global and intertwined. Join Us. See the bigger picture. Forge a broader network. Gain strategic insight.


10.6.2020 - 10.9.2020




With its differing regional circumstances, the world is an incredible laboratory for finding valuable insights about emerging technologies and ideas.  We have also found an incredible ecosystem of industry players, investors, technologists, and entrepreneurs eager to meet and collaborate with their peers around the world.

At the Digital Global Summit, we will explore the Built World ecosystem beyond North America, forge a broader network of relationships and gain a deeper set of strategic insights.

Demo Day

BuiltWorld's Venture Forum has many opportunities to hear from some of the industry's leading technology startups. Our Demo Days provide the opportunity for startups to present their game-changing solutions to a panel of judges (made up of executives, investors & technologists) interested in built world technology across categories like Robotics, People Solutions, Sensors/Wearables, Risk Management, Marketplaces, and more!


(Speakers to be added continuously)

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Christine Acker

Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk

Hassan Albalawi

Founder and CEO, WakeCap

Bill Banks

Global Infrastructure Leader, EY

Matt Barbuto

Founder, Ynomia

Guillaume Bazouin

Partner EMEA, Brick & Mortar Ventures

Dale Beard

CEO, Intelliwave Technologies - SiteSense

Motti Bebchuk

Head of Innovation, Shikun & Binui

Guy Benromano

CEO, LightYX

Sandra Boivin

Head R&D Solutions & Products, Holcim

Jay Bowman

Managing Director, Research, FMI Corp

Ciaran Brennan

CEO, LiveCosts.com

Laura Núñez Casamor

CEO, Plan Reforma (STIMAT)

Matthew Cramer

Director, Business Development, Armstrong World Industries

Fernando Gonzalez Cuervo

EY Partner - EMEIA Construction Leader, EY

Shawn Dehpanah

Executive Vice President & Head of Corporate Innovation APAC, Plug & Play

Jim Donaghy

Executive Chairman, STO Building Group

Hide Dote

CEO, TDG Japan, The Digit Group

Erez Dror

Co-Founder & CEO, Genda

Laura Dwyer

Global Strategy Leader - Construction Productivity, DuPont Performance Building Solutions

Gal Farhi

Director, Waveline Ventures

Gonzalo Galindo

President, Cemex Ventures

Bernardo Gamboa

Partner, BuildTech Ventures

Boris Germanov

VP Strategy, Partner, Civalgo

Oliver Glockner

Innovation Director, Hilti

Matt Gough

Innovation Director, Mace

Matthew Gray

Co-Chair, Graycor, Executive Chairman, BuiltWorlds

Karim Helal

CEO, ProTenders

Emma Hendry

Director, Hendry

Swapnil Joshi

Principal Consultant - ENCAS Centre of Excellence, Infosys

Albin Jourda

CEO & Founder, French Cleantech

Yogev Katzir

CEO, InfraLab

Artem Kuchukov


Lauren Lake

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, Bridgit

Mike Latiner

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum, BuiltWorlds

Thomas Le Diouron

CEO, Impulse Partners

Yaniv Lusana

Associate, Tekfen Ventures

Gabriela Macagni

Partner, Matterscale

Grant McCullagh

Director, Thornton Tomasetti

Helena Mendez

VP, Digital Asset Delivery & Tech Training, EllisDon Corporation

Pierre Mustiere

CEO, Bouygues Asia

Fernando Olloqui

Co-Founder & CEO, Licify

Chris Omeissah

Partner at The Proptech Connection, Digital Real Estate Leader at Willow, Willow

Miguel Pires

Director, Grupo Casais

Vishal Porwal

CEO, Builderbox Inc.

Ben Price

NOVA External Ventures, Saint-Gobain

Prabhu Ramachandran

Founder & CEO, Facilio

Sean Reid

President and Head Coach, Arrowhead Coaching and Facilitation Solutions

Zara Riahi

CEO, Contilio

Raphael Scheps

CEO, Converge

Brett Settles

Head of Customer Success, Revizto

Jay Snyder

Technology and Innovation, FMI Corp

Ibrahim Tadros

Corporate Development, Amana Investments

Mohamed Talab

Partner & COO, Picture Group

Natasha Terinova

Director, REACH UK - Second Century Ventures

Ryan Trompeter

Senior Venture Analyst, BuiltWorlds

Shelli Trung

Managing Partner - REACH Australia, Second Century Ventures

Felipe Valencia

Partner - CIO, Veronorte

Anna Walkowska

CTO, ProperGate

Chris Wright

Director of Operations Support, Nabholz

Demo Day Competition - Startups Presenting

BuiltWorlds Demo Days provide the opportunity for startups to present their game-changing solutions directly to BuiltWorlds members who have a strong focus on strategic investing.  Our Demo Day Competitions include a panel of judges (made up of executives, investors & technologists) interested in built world technology across categories like Robotics, People Solutions, Sensors/Wearables, Risk Management, Marketplaces, and more.  As part of our Global Summit we will be hosting a pitch competition, with a focus on startups located outside the United States.  This event and the rest of the Global Summit is open to all active BuiltWorlds Members, Register Below!

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Day 1 (10/6) of BuiltWorlds’ 2020 Global Summit offers a Demo Day Competition, which provides the opportunity for startups to present their game-changing solutions to a panel of judges (made up of executives, investors & technologists) interested in built world technology across a variety of categories. 

Days 2-4 (10/7-10/9) of the BuiltWorlds’ 2020 Digital Global Summit will provide personalized insights from Built Industry experts in a variety of fields from all across the globe.  Sessions spread throughout each day will include 45 minute dialogues from various regions and countries throughout the World.  These sessions will enable Industry players, investors, technologists, and entrepreneurs to provide their perspectives on the interesting startups, leading industry players, top investors, and other catalyzing organizations and initiatives in their region. 

All Times CDT

Day 1 Schedule

12:30pm – 1:00pm

Demo Day Opening Keynote

Guillaume Bazouin, Head of Open Innovation & Startups, Leonard by Vinci

Leonard has been one of the global industry's biggest advocates for open innovation. Here a quick rundown from the group's leader on their current initiatives as they run their own challenges and also participate in others, globally.

1:00pm – 5:30pm

Global Demo Day Competition

Judges: Grant McCullagh, Director, Thornton Tomasetti | Chris Wright, Director of Operations Support, Nabholz | Ben Price, NOVA External Ventures, Saint Gobain | Jim Donaghy, Executive Chairman, STO Building Group | Matt Cramer, Director of Digital Solutions & Technology Integration, Armstrong World Industries | Yaniv Lusana, Associate, Tekfen Ventures | Laura Dwyer, Global Strategy Leader - Construction Productivity, Dupont | Oliver Glockner, Innovation Director, Hilti |

Startups Presenting:
- Revizto
- Propergate
- Kewazo
- Contilio
- LiveCosts
- Converge
- Civalgo
- Ynomia

Day 2 Schedule

8:00am – 8:45am


Prabhu Ramachandran, Founder & CEO, Facilio | Vishal Porwal, CEO, Builderbox | Swapnil Joshi, Principal Consultant, Infosys |

Leaders from India based startups Facilio & Builderbox will be joined by Indian consultancy, Infosys to explore post construction trends, along with the future of commercial real estate and the construction market in India. In addition they will discuss the emerging technologies gaining traction, and the solutions they believe are here to stay.

9:00am – 9:45am

Saudi & UAE

Hassan Albalawi, Founder & CEO, Wakecap | Mohamed Talab, Partner & COO, Picture Group | Ibrahim Tadros, Corporate Development Manager, Amana Investments | Karim Helal, CEO, ProTenders |

Known globally for it massive investments in cities, buildings, and infrastructure, the region is also making major moves to support the development of break through technologies, both locally and globally. Hear from one of the region's leading start up entrepreneurs and others in the region about some of the fascinating global initiatives underway there.

10:00am – 10:45am


Yogev Katzir, CEO, Infralab | Erez Dror, Co-Founder & CEO, Genda | Motti Bebchuk, Head of Innovation, Shikun & Binui | Guy Benromano, CEO, LightYX | Zachi Flatto, CEO, ConTech |

On a per capita basis, there is probably no place in the world hotter for Built World startups than Israel. In this packed panel, we will hear from leaders of the country's major accelerators and others about all that is happening within the country and beyond.

5:00pm – 5:45pm


Shelli Trung, Managing Partner, REACH Australia, Second Century Ventures | Matthew Barbuto, Founder, Ynomia | Chris Omeissah, Partner, The Proptech Connection | Emma Hendry, CEO, Hendry |

From smart and sustainable buildings to robotics to some of the most successful digital workflow startups in the world, Australia is a highly active area of the Built World startup community.

6:00pm – 6:45pm

East Asia

Shawn Dehpanah, EVP & Head of Corporate Innovation APAC, Plug & Play Tech Center | Pierre Mustiere, CEO Bouygues Asia | Bill Banks, Global Infrastructure Leader, EY | Hide Dote, CEO - TDG Japan, The Digit Group |

From Thailand to Singapore to Japan and South Korea, giant players are making major investments in technology and sustainability throughout the region while also setting up shop in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, investing in startups and partnering with other organizations around the world.

Day 3 Schedule

9:00am – 9:45am


Guillaume Bazouin, Head of Startup & Intrapreneurship Programs, Leonard | Sandra Boivin, Head R&D Solutions & Products, LafargeHolcim | Albin Jourda, CEO & Founder, French Cleantech | Thomas Le Diouron, CEO, Impulse Partners |

Two of the leading accelerators in the industry, Vinci's Leonard and LaFargeHolcim's LH Accelerator have been active in partnering with industry players and startups around the world in a wide range of built world segments. This is a rare opportunity to hear from them about France's vibrant ecosystem and the efforts under way emanating from their country.

10:00am – 10:45am

Iberian Peninsula

Fernando Gonzalez Cuervo, Partner - EMEIA Construction Leader, EY | Miguel Pires, Director, Grupo Casais | Laura Núñez Casamor, CEO, Plan Reforma |

In this session, we will hear from global leaders based in Spain and Portugal where companies are heavily engaged in robotics, modularization, energy, sustainability, and software development.

11:00am – 11:45am

United Kingdom

Natasha Terinova, Program Director, REACH UK | Gal Farhi, Director, Waveline Ventures | Matt Gough, Innovation Director, Mace |

Beyond the impressive number of start ups and industry players active in this region, the UK is also a magnet for global start ups and one of the leading financial centers for tech investment, boasting numerous sector-focused venture funds.

12:00pm – 12:45pm

Keynote Speaker

Gonzalo Galindo, Head of CEMEX Ventures

Gonzalo Galindo has lead one of the industry's most active, global corporate venture funds. This year, they broke new ground with a startup challenge backed by fellow leading corporate venture investors Ferrovial, Leonard, Hilti, and Saint Gobain.

Day 4 Schedule

9:00am – 9:45am


Felipe Valencia, Partner - CIO, Veronorte | Bernardo Gamboa, Partner, Global Project Strategy | Fernando Olloqui, Founder & CEO, Licify | Gabriela Macagni, Partner, Matterscale |

Still an emerging area for digital innovation in the Built World sector, Latin America is making significant progress. From Mexico to Columbia through Brazil and into Chile and Argentina, numerous players in industry, investment, and tech are emerging across Latin America, presenting fascinating new opportunities for collaboration.

10:00am – 10:45am


Sean Reid, President & Head Coach, Arrowhead Coaching and Facilitation Solutions | Lauren Lake, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, Bridgit | Dale Beard, CEO, Intelliwave Technologies | Helena Mendez, VP, VDC, EllisDon |

In this session, we will hear from leaders in Western Canada and Eastern Canada about the groups helping promote innovation in the country and about the impressive startups emerging there.

11:00am – 12:30pm

FMI Workshop: Global Insights for Fostering Trust in Construction – Technology’s Role

Jay Bowman, Managing Director, FMI | Jay Snyder, Technology and Innovation Practice Leader, FMI | Christine Acker, Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk |

“Trust is the new currency” When working with external stakeholders on a global basis, the “Trust” your organization holds is an intangible asset that is key to stronger collaboration & relationships, and ultimately drives financial performance. High trust firms have more repeat business, fewer missed schedules, and lower employee turnover. Technology plays an essential role in building trust, especially in areas like Collaboration & Communication, as well as the ability to provide a single shared data source with full transparency. In this workshop, ConTech consultancy, FMI, will be joined by Autodesk to explore how the adoption of Technology is pivotal to fostering higher trust.

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Digital Global Summit 2020 Day 1 – Demo Day Keynote & Competition

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Digital Global Summit 2020 Day 2 – India, Saudi & the UAE, Israel, Australia, & East Asia

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Digital Global Summit 2020 Day 3 – France, the Iberian Peninsula, United Kingdom, & Keynote by Gonzalo Galindo, Head of CEMEX Ventures

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Digital Global Summit 2020 Day 4 – LATAM & Canada

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“BuiltWorlds is a phenomenal resource for those in the AEC industry, in particular their Summit, which brings together thought leadership and practical application of innovation that can impact the industry. Thank you for pivoting to the virtual format this year in response to COVID-19 to bring this valuable content to the masses. Well done event!”

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