Digital Global Summit 2020

At the Digital Global Summit, we will explore the Built World ecosystem beyond North America, forge a broader network of relationships and gain a deeper set of strategic insights. Apply below to speak!


10.6.2020 - 10.9.2020




With its differing regional circumstances, the world is an incredible laboratory for finding valuable insights about and emerging technologies and ideas.  We have also found an incredible ecosystem of industry players, investors, technologists, and entrepreneurs eager to meet and collaborate with their peers around the world. At the Digital Global Summit, we will explore the Built World ecosystem beyond North America, forge a broader network of relationships and gain a deeper set of strategic insights.

We'll have a demo day, workshops with members from around the world, and then a day highlighting global centers of excellence around the world in areas such as Smart and Sustainable Buildings, Robotics, and Smart Cities and Infrastructure, and Sensor/Reality Capture. We will meet with industry players on different continents and how they are adopting to industry changes and we will examine what venture and investing looks like in different regions around the world.

Demo Day

BuiltWorld's Venture Forum has many opportunities to hear from some of the industry's leading technology startups. Our Demo Days provide the opportunity for startups to present their game-changing solutions to a panel of judges (made up of executives, investors & technologists) interested in built world technology across categories like Robotics, People Solutions, Sensors/Wearables, Risk Management, Marketplaces, and more!

Past Speakers

Darren Bechtel

Founder & Managing Director, Brick & Mortar Ventures

Julien Bourcerie

Head of Open-innovation, Bouygues Construction

Erin Bradner

Director of Robotics, Autodesk

Gonzalo Galindo

President, CEMEX Ventures

Daniel Gmeiner

Head of BIM Competence Center, Hilti

Damian Farr

Europe Managing Director, DPR Construction

Meirav Oren

CEO & Co-Founder, Versatile Natures (VN)

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What Members had to say about our US Digital Summit:

“Impressive content delivered in digestible chunks. Well done.”

“Well done, BuiltWorlds. Rather than throw in the towel, you found a different and innovative platform for the Summit. The content was even more relevant in today’s disrupted economy, so I’m very grateful to have been able to participate–even if remotely.” -Jon Pahl, Nabholz Construction.

“BuiltWorlds is a phenomenal resource for those in the AEC industry, in particular their Summit, which brings together thought leadership and practical application of innovation that can impact the industry. Thank you for pivoting to the virtual format this year in response to COVID-19 to bring this valuable content to the masses. Well done event!”

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