2020 Infrastructure Conference Global Summit Preview: Israel’s Transportation Sector Innovation Ecosystem

2020 Infrastructure Conference (Day 1) Session Recording – Israel’s Transportation Infrastructure Sector

Session Overview: 

Upgrading legacy infrastructure and integrating new technology is a global challenge. In this session, a preview of the kinds of talks we will be hosting in our Global Summit in October, we will examine Israel’s approach to smart infrastructure development. Yogev Katzir, Managing Director of leading Israeli construction tech incubator and accelerator, InfraLab, founded by Enel, the world’s largest energy infrastructure company and Shikun & Binui, Israel’s leading Construction and Infrastructure Group will sit down with Tomer Jacob of Advanced Solutions Road Systems (Derech Eretz Group) and Hilla Haddad of Netive Israel – National Transport Infrastructure Company to discuss different approaches to infrastructure technology investment and development in and from Isreal’s vibrant tech and industry ecosystem.

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