Project Technology Challenge

Do you have a game-changing technology that helped improve project performance

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Whether we’re planning a city or neighborhood, developing skyscrapers and buildings, designing an airport, building a bridge, or otherwise, we think about our work in terms of projects. And it’s no secret that the process of planning and executing our projects has been forever altered by emerging technology (hello drones, IoT, advanced software, A.I./machine learning).

Introducing our Project Technology Challenge. We want to feature the technology solutions transforming how we build on major projects around the globe.


  1. Accepted project applications will be showcased at our Projects Conference June 28th! Submit your work and get featured! 
  2. Accepted applications will also be featured on our Project Gallery page here.


Do you have a game-changing technology that helped improve performance and/or the end product of a remarkable project (examples are anything from PM software to wearables to apps)? Enter your project details below.

All entries must be submitted by Monday June 18 to be considered for the competition.


Travis Voss
Technology Manager,
Mechanical, Inc.




Project Technology Examples

For examples on the types of revolutionary technology we’re looking to feature, In 2017 BuiltWorlds released "45 companies & technologies paving our future in IoT and connected job sites" it showcased technology that advances project performance. We would like to continue our research with your help. If you submit your amazing project not only will you be showcased on screens at our Projects Conference you will also be included in future BuiltWorlds Research and Insights.