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Road Trip Canada

From Toronto, to Quebec to Vancouver, Canada boasts an impressive array of industry players and start ups. One key point of difference with their neighbors to the South is that Canadians have established a significant track record of success in public private partnerships and also have found ways to encourage the development and adoption of emerging technologies in conjunction with those public-private initiatives.


2020 Global Summit: Canadian Delegation

Dale Beard, Intelliwave Technologies

Paula Dobrowolska, EllisDon

Lauren Lake, Bridgit

Sean Reid, Arrowhead Coaching and Facilitation Services

Road Trip Canada: Coverage of Innovation and Innovators in and from Canada.

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Canada: Watch Some of the BuiltWorlds Sessions Featuring Leaders from Canada's Innovation Ecosystem.

2021 Venture East Conference: Venture East Startup Challenge Winner: Togal

The Venture East Startup Challenge featured six tech startups all looking to make an impact on the built world. A panel of investment experts listened and deliberated and chose the 2021 Venture East Startup Winner: Togal Togal’s construction AI engine uses AIA measurement standards to automatically and accurately detect, label, and measure project spaces & […]

BuiltWorlds US Summit 2021 Sessions: Josh Kanner, Founder & CEO, Newmetrix

Imagine if you could predict which 20% of your projects are about to experience 80% of your incidents in the following week so you could head those problems off before they happen. That is the aim of Boston-based startup, Newmetrix. In this BuiltWorlds Sessions episode from our 2021 Summit, we had the opportunity to meet […]

2021 US Summit – Building a Culture of Safety Powered by Technology – Shawmut

New technology rollouts enterprise-wide can require a major investment. Speakers will share innovative ways to adopt new technologies that can have greater benefits while managing cost expectations.

2021 Infrastructure Conference: The Nation’s #1 Dirt and Aggregate Marketplace creates efficiency and transparency and disrupts an age-old industry

From our 2021 Infrastructure Conference, Cliff Fetner, Founder & CEO of Soil Connect, discusses real world examples of how his company Soil Connect created a dirt and aggregates marketplace that has transformed the way construction professionals, like ARCO/Murray, source and/or move dirt from their jobsites and the impact construction tech has had on how they […]

November 17, 2021 Analyst Call: Tech Stack on Projects | Forecasting your Project’s Technology Usage

11/17/2021 10am CT. Project Management, ERP, BI On this call we focused on the process of forecasting the technology stack required for efficient data transfers amongst project stakeholders for the entirety of the project delivery. Thought leaders from top General Contractor firms and technology solution providers joined in on an important conversation around how a […]

2021 US Summit – The Evolution of Modern Robotics – Andra Keay

Robotics today is not the same as the robotics of the last fifty years, and you can already see disruption starting in the logistics industry, with self-driving cargo.

BuiltWorlds Summit 2021 Sessions: Josh Levy Co-Founder/CEO DocumentCrunch

In addition to being known for its poor safety record relative to other industries and productivity woes, the construction industry is also said to be one of the most litigious. Contract disputes are among the leading causes of this expensive acrimony, and that is where Josh Levy, Co-Founder and CEO of Document Crunch comes in. […]

2021 US Summit – Site Surveillance – HUB International

When it comes to site security, how do you move forward with the right technology and safety plan?

BuiltWorlds 2021 US Summit Sessions: Trey Sklar, Director, Strategic Business Group, Hilti Group

In terms of strategic investors in Built World technology, Hilti Group has emerged as a major force.  With 99% of their business direct to their customers, as opposed to through distributors and retailers, Hilti Group is in a relatively unique position to learn about their customers needs and also to support their customers in the […]

November 3, 2021: ESG and Sustainability in Building Products and Materials: Analyst Call

Learn how to choose the best materials from BuiltWorlds’ Building Products & Materials topics so you can grasp how changing technologies, consumer preferences, and logistical challenges are impacting your projects.

Ontario Pan Am Games

By BuiltWorlds | June 22, 2018

In the summer of 2015, tens of thousands of fans flocked to Hamilton, Ontario for the Pan Am Games to support soccer teams from 12 countries. The city sought to leverage their existing traffic management cameras across multiple departments.

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