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Road Trip Canada

From Toronto, to Quebec to Vancouver, Canada boasts an impressive array of industry players and start ups. One key point of difference with their neighbors to the South is that Canadians have established a significant track record of success in public private partnerships and also have found ways to encourage the development and adoption of emerging technologies in conjunction with those public-private initiatives.


2020 Global Summit: Canadian Delegation

Dale Beard, Intelliwave Technologies

Paula Dobrowolska, EllisDon

Lauren Lake, Bridgit

Sean Reid, Arrowhead Coaching and Facilitation Services

Road Trip Canada: Coverage of Innovation and Innovators in and from Canada.

From our Directory:  Featured Leading Canadian Companies. (Find More in the Network Directory.)

Canada: Watch Some of the BuiltWorlds Sessions Featuring Leaders from Canada's Innovation Ecosystem.

Women in Construction Technology – Advice for Women Entering the Industry

At the inaugural Women in Construction Tech event that took place in Palo Alto on March 08, 2022, we were joined by women from across the industry who met on International Women’s Day to talk about all things construction tech. We were able to catch up with six of these industry-leading women; Antonia Elisa Soler […]

Business Venture Forum – Demo Drop: Sarus

Sarus is a construction tech startup looking to make the planning for, and us of, cranes more safe and efficient. The platform allows users to automate rigging of specific crane types, making it easier to select a crane that is needed. It also helps to improve communication of stakeholders who will be operating or involved […]

BuiltWorlds Session: Alice Leung, Vice President, Brick & Mortar Ventures

Recently, BuiltWorlds was able to collaborate with Brick & Mortar Ventures to launch our first accelerator program, Formwork Labs, to foster a dynamic environment for innovation and growth for emerging construction technology from early-stage companies. In our recent BuiltWorlds Session video series from the 2022 Venture West Conference we were able to catch up with Alice […]

Venture West 2022: M&A Activities, Trends and Best Practices

M&A activity in the ConTech space is stronger than ever, with over 125 ConTech M&A deals closed in 2021 alone. Some acquisitions included buyers from outside of just construction software companies (e.g. Procore and Autodesk) such as tool manufacturers, imaging companies, and architecture & engineering firms. With increased attention in the construction tech industry, we’re […]

Business Venture Forum – Demo Drop: Lepo Systems

LEPO is a revolutionary technology startup that is introducing a system for a fully autonomous glass facade cleaning robot. Up to 90% faster than traditional ways of cleaning our skyscrapers, the Lepo System robot also provides a safer alternative. BuiltWorlds Demo Days are sponsored by the member of our Business Venture Forum. The forum meets […]

Business Venture Forum – Demo Drop: Soloinsight

  Soloinsight Inc. is an SaaS company offering no-code security workflow automation OS to large enterprises, multi-tenant properties and healthcare facilities. Listen to the full presentation delivered by Soloinsight’s CEO, Carter Kennedy, to hear how the implementation of this technology increases security and safety by automating manual processes.

2022 BuiltWorlds Session: Chris Stern, Trimble Ventures

This Session video features Chris Stern, the corporate VP and managing director of Trimble Ventures. Stern was a founding member of Trimble Ventures, Trimble’s $200 million venture fund that is focused on early and growth stage companies focused on innovation within the industry.

2022 Venture West Conference Panel: A Look Back at the Past Decade of Built Tech

It has been a wild ride for Built World Tech investing over the past decade. We have witnessed the development of sector focused funds, corporate venture in the sector, our first sector-specific IPOs, our first billion dollar and ten billion dollar exits, and more. In this session, we look back on how things have changed […]

May 04, 2022 – Analyst Call – Building Products & Materials

Our ability to capture, store and learn from massive amounts of data is transforming how and what we build. The access to data about how a building is performing in real time replaces the need to manually perform various validations of the conditions of the asset. Emerging IoT technologies now allow owners and contractors to […]

Venture West 2022 Demo Drop: Advanced Construction Robotics

Advanced Construction Robotics has developed two robots using artificial intelligence to innovate robotic solutions in lifting, carrying, placing, and tying rebar horizontally. This technology has the potential to enhance  productivity, improved safety, increased profits, and reduced schedule risk on jobsites. From our 2022 Venture West Conference, watch as Stephen Muck, Co-founder and executive Chairman of […]

Ontario Pan Am Games

By BuiltWorlds | June 22, 2018

In the summer of 2015, tens of thousands of fans flocked to Hamilton, Ontario for the Pan Am Games to support soccer teams from 12 countries. The city sought to leverage their existing traffic management cameras across multiple departments.

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