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Road Trip Canada

From Toronto, to Quebec to Vancouver, Canada boasts an impressive array of industry players and start ups. One key point of difference with their neighbors to the South is that Canadians have established a significant track record of success in public private partnerships and also have found ways to encourage the development and adoption of emerging technologies in conjunction with those public-private initiatives.


2020 Global Summit: Canadian Delegation

Dale Beard, Intelliwave Technologies

Paula Dobrowolska, EllisDon

Lauren Lake, Bridgit

Sean Reid, Arrowhead Coaching and Facilitation Services

Road Trip Canada: Coverage of Innovation and Innovators in and from Canada.

From our Directory:  Featured Leading Canadian Companies. (Find More in the Network Directory.)

Canada: Watch Some of the BuiltWorlds Sessions Featuring Leaders from Canada's Innovation Ecosystem.

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – Transcend

‘Transcend’s generative design platform fully automates the preliminary engineering process for wastewater treatment plants. They sell direct to water EPC’s, Real estate developers, and technology OEM’s to slash the cost of design and increase project margins & speed to construction. The software generates a full set of engineering quality output documents including P&ID’s, technical descriptions, […]

2021 US Summit – Corporate & Sector Focused Venture Capital: Perspectives & Approach

In this session, we’ll hear from both CVCs as well as Traditional Venture Capitalists on how they are approaching investments in the built space, what kind of technology they’re most excited about, and where they see the investment landscape evolving to.

2021 US Summit – From Investment to Installation – Saint-Gobain and Factory_OS

Learn what investments within offsite construction excite Saint-Gobain and how one of its investments, Factory_OS, is disrupting the construction industry.

September 2021 Venture Call

Strategic Investing & Corporate Venture is an increasingly important topic as project complexity, duration, and magnitude have increased.

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – Wakecap

WakeCap is an IoT-based product and service that provides a unique and disruptive approach to construction site productivity and safety. About Demo Drops Weekly Demo Drops are sponsored by BuiltWorlds Venture Forum (BVF).  BVF brings together action-oriented GCs, engineering firms, and other strategic players in the construction sector that share in the belief that change and […]

2021 US Summit – Technology Strategy – Build Vs. Buy

To discuss a broad range of outlooks on this topic, we’ve collected a diverse panel composing the views of a general contractor, a software vendor, an original equipment manufacturer, and a venture capitalist.

September Building Products and Materials Call

In this session, we meet with two pioneers pushing new approaches from different parts of the Built World ecosystem.

2021 US Summit – Moving Beyond Sustainability: A Playbook for Contractors

This session offers guidance, resources and examples of advanced building techniques based on Pepper Construction’s development and adoption of next-generation sustainable perspectives.

Real-Time Data Collection and Implementation

In this session, Mani Golparvar, Co-Founder and CTO of Reconstruct, Damon Ranieri, Director of Virtual Design & Construction at Leopardo Companies, and Randy Deutsch, Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, discuss real-time data in construction and how companies can successfully implement new tech solutions.

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – MaterialsXchange

MaterialsXchange fosters the evolution of commerce in commodity raw materials through innovative technology solutions. They fulfill this objective by providing a digital platform that creates efficient transactions and real-time pricing for all market participants. About Demo Drops Weekly Demo Drops are sponsored by BuiltWorlds Venture Forum (BVF).  BVF brings together action-oriented GCs, engineering firms, and other […]

Ontario Pan Am Games

By BuiltWorlds | June 22, 2018

In the summer of 2015, tens of thousands of fans flocked to Hamilton, Ontario for the Pan Am Games to support soccer teams from 12 countries. The city sought to leverage their existing traffic management cameras across multiple departments.

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