Region Guides (“Road Trips”)


What makes a vibrant city or region for digital innovation? Which regions are leading in what aspects of innovation? Who do you need to know in each region?  BW Road Trip takes you to the industry's leading places and gives you a guide to the diverse players working together to fuel those regional ecosystems so you can better understand who you need to know and how the pieces all fit together.

Upcoming "Road Trips"

Our Next Road Trip Will be Digital, and you can join us! The week of October 5th, we'll be visiting and learning about regions of Built Worlds Innovation around the globe! So far on the itinerary:

UK | France | Iberian Peninsula | Saudi Arabia/UAE | Israel | India | Southeast Asia | Australia | Latin America | Canada

It is going to be quite a trip. Don't miss it!

It is going to be quite a Trip! Don't Miss IT!

Past Road Trips

The BuiltWorlds team is taking a Road Trip. And we want YOU to create our next itinerary.

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