Road Trip New York 2017

In 2017, BuiltWorlds went to New York to meet with some of the top startups, industry players and investors in the space to learn about the region's burgeoning ecosystem

Road Trip New York: Coverage of Innovation in the Big Apple.

Road Trip New York:  Leading New York Companies. (Find More in the Network Directory.)

Road Trip New York: Some of the people and places we learned about on our Trip.

Meeting Aaron Block, Monika Wysocki, Philip Rousso, MetaProp NYC. 

Started around the same time as BuiltWorlds, MetaProp was one of the first commercial real estate-focused accelerators. In this session, we meet Meta Prop's leaders, hear about their business, and also learn a little about some of the start ups in their orbit.

Shane Scranton, Co-Founder, New York- Based IRISVR Talks Virtual Reality in the Built World.

BuiltWorlds with Pillar Technologies
The Pillar Technologies team poses with the BuiltWorlds Team in front of a jobsite next to Grand Central Tech.

Launching the NYC Start-Up Challenge with Grand Central Tech. Finalists Including Tenna, Callida Energy, Roadbotics, and OnSiteIQ

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