Road Trip Chicago 2014-

In 2014, BuiltWorlds launched in Chicago. Here are some of the top startups, industry players and investors we've met along the way in the region's burgeoning ecosystem.

Road Trip Chicago: Coverage of Innovation in the Windy City.

Road Trip Chicago:  Featured Leading Chicago Companies. (Find More in the Network Directory.)

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Chicago: Some of the people and places driving the ecosystem.

Caterpillar may be the biggest player in the Construction Sector. Here is a look at their partnership with the University of Illinois. 

Sometimes people are surprised to learn how influential the building trade unions are in promoting technology adoption in the industry. Here is a look at the Plumbers new Training Center in Chicago and how the plumbers moved to make the project into a laboratory for innovation.

With its world leading 3D Printing Lab, Materials Sciences Labs, and Graduate Programs for Project Management, Northwestern University is another of the region's major talent hubs.

Home to 1871 and other major incubators, accelerators and tech companies, the Merchandise Mart has been the spiritual, physical center of Chicago's tech scene. (Another player featured here is Chicago-based Textura, now part of Oracle's, Construction's first pure play IPO.)

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