BuiltWorlds went to the Boston to meet with some of the top startups and investors in the space to discuss the role of Venture in the current Ecosystem

Road Trip Boston: Coverage of Innovation in the Boston Area.

Road Trip Boston:  Leading Area Companies.

Road Trip Boston: Meet Up

Psst...we'll be hosting our BW Roadtrip party at Autodesk's Build Space in Boston. Join us!

Exclusive Members Only Meet Up | Autodesk Build Space, Boston, MA

This meet-up took place in the just opened Autodesk Build Space, was sponsored by construction leader from the region, Suffolk, and featured a talk with Peter Schermerhorn, (then) COO of Triax Technologies, and Smartvid founder and CEO, Josh Kanner, and Sarah Hodges, Autodesk,moderated by Suffolk’s Ajoy Bhattacharya

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