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Newmetrix (FKA Smartvid.io) significantly reduces jobsite risk and overall project cost by combining the best of human and artificial intelligence. Our construction-trained AI delivers unbiased insights, predicts where to focus your attention, and prescribes specific actions to prevent incidents before they occur. Newmetrix can tell you which 20% of your projects will have 80% of your incidents in the following week. Companies using Newmetrix reduce incident rates and improve their bottom line.

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Massachusetts, United States
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AI/Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Risk Management, Safety


The ROI of Knowing the Future: Making the Business Case for Predictive Safety

Newmetrix Safety Suite Demo

Webinar: Suffolk reduces project risk with artificial intelligence AI using Smartvid.io & Procore

Shawmut uses AI to manage project risk at scale

Newmetrix Overview: Reducing Risk. Intelligently.

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Reduce Risk on all of your projects using AI

Know which 20% of your Projects will have 80% of incidents in the following week

Our construction-trained AI can identify over 100 safety hazards

Get risk-reducing insights from all your visual data

It's easy to get started with pre-built integrations

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Cathy Boudreau

Marketing Manager

Tim Gattie

VP of Industry Strategy

Ryan Gay

Director of Business Development

Gary Greenberger

SVP of Sales

Josh Kanner

Founder & CEO
Maverick Awards Winner  Speaker
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