Around The Network: Leonard by VINCI’s May 27th Demo Day is The Latest Stop on a Long Journey Along the Leading Edge of Innovation

Longtime BuiltWorlds member Leonard by VINCI’s May 27th Online Demo Day is the final graduation for the startups that have enrolled in Leonard’s SEED Accelerator Program. These innovative companies will be showing their stuff in front of a panel of international investors looking for the most promising early stage projects seeking funding, and it promises to be a captivating event. This isn’t Leonard’s first go-around with this type of initiative–last June, they showcased 6 startups making waves in the infrastructure sector, an event that marked an important milestone in their ongoing effort to foster a world class start-up ecosystem in France and also to integrate that effort into the broader, global Built World ecosystem.

To support startups creating solutions to cities and infrastructure problems, VINCI Construction launched Leonard in 2017, an intrapreneur program developed to guide businesses and foster a network of collaboration. Leonard has been on BuiltWorlds’ radar from the very beginning–they made our 2018 Venture Investors 50 List soon after their inception. They haven’t stopped looking ahead since. They appeared again on our 2019 Venture Investors 50 List, neatly slotted into our 2020 Global Innovators 50 List and just last month their Head of Open Innovation and Startups, Guillaume Bazouin, secured a spot on our 2021 Mavericks 50 List, thanks to his tireless support and guidance for industry startups at home in his native France and around the world.

At BuiltWorlds, our members are our experts, and various members of the Leonard and VINCI team have shared their knowledge and insight over the years, whether it be discussing the changes wrought across the industry due to COVID-19 or delivering the Demo Day Opening Keynote at our 2020 Global Summit.  Speaking of which, BuiltWorlds will be traveling to Leonard’s home turf in June of 2022 for the much-anticipated return of our Global Summit. We look forward to meeting up with our longtime bon amis after a two year hiatus!


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