Round up: News from Grit, Occly, BuildPay, Navistar, and Ving

What’s happening this week in our industry? Here’s our Friday round up of news and announcements from members of the BuiltWorlds network. Want to be included? Send your press releases or story ideas to

1. Grit Virtual creates groundbreaking construction schedule generator

Grit, a construction planning engine that utilizes VR technology, is working on a new construction schedule generator. The generator will combine inputs from all project stakeholders and then utilize artificial intelligence to create a project schedule and workflows for construction crews.


2. Occly featured by the Chicago Business Journal

The Chicago Business Journal interviewed Occly, a provider of body camera personal alarm systems, at the Consumer Electronics Show. The journal praised Occly’s Blinc body camera for its ability to protect individuals carrying valuables on their person.


3. BuildPay’s head of product development earns certificate in construction marketing

BuildPay is a cloud-based payment platform for the construction industry. BuildPay’s head of product development, Leah Hennessey, recently completed her certificate in construction marketing with the Construction Marketing Association (CMA).


4. Navistar unveils International® HV™ Series Mid-Range Diesel at World of Concrete

Navistar, a leading manufacturer of construction trucks, released their new line of vocational trucks, the International® HV™ Series Mid-Range Diesel, at the World of Concrete convention in Las Vegas. The line includes a bridge formula truck for the concrete industry. Navistar has also announced improved warranties for the new vocational trucks.

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5. Ving blogs about communicating with millennial employees

Millennials are more comfortable than older generations communicating electronically at work. Ving, a video platform for providing and monitoring employee safety training, is one way employers can effectively relate to their millennial employees.

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