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Analyst Calls & Session Videos

Analyst Calls are BuiltWorlds webinars bringing expert individuals within our network straight to your computer. Engage with upcoming speakers and thought leaders while gaining insights on pressing tech trends in the built industries. These 1-hour webinars and conference panel sessions are a great way for your team to take full advantage of your BuiltWorlds Membership without leaving the office.

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – Construction Robotics

Construction Robotics develops affordable, robotics and automation equipment for the construction industry. They offer 2 products, the SAM (Semi-Automated Mason) a brick laying robot, and MULE (Material Unit Lift Enhancer) a lift assist device designed for handling and placing material weighing up to 135lbs.

2020 Project Delivery Conference: Automating Design & Digital Twins with Mike Bauer and Rob Otani of Thornton Thomasetti

Session Overview: Thornton Tomasetti’s Mike Bauer and Rob Otani will present past, present and future digital workflows for Konstru.  Konstru is a cloud-based data visualization and a common data environment that facilitates automated design and enables scalable and perpetual Digital Twins.  The presentation will include use cases from a number […]

Plan IT Impact Demo Drop

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – PlanIT Impact

PlanIT Impact A sustainable design web application for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry. The app introduces costs and ROI associated with high performance building and landscaping strategies during early design phases and preconstruction, leveraging a mass iteration discovery tool that runs hundreds of scenarios in seconds to provide recommendations […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference: The Connected Job Site With Andy Lambert, Milwaukee Tools

Session Overview:  With an influx of tracking devices, reality capture solutions, and other on-site technologies, there are several ways to collect data on the jobsite. Learn how contractors are leveraging these tools to collect critical data points that serve as key indicators for project performance, health, and risk. 2020 Project […]

Analyst Call – July Venture Call: Lessons from First Time Startup CEO’s & How To Best Ensure Success

Hear from first time leaders of early stage construction technology start ups.  We’ll look to obtain their insights on the ups & downs experienced, lessons learned along the way, and how they look to best position themselves in a distressed economy. Speakers Guy Benromano, LightYX Zach Scheel, Rhumbix William St-Pierre, […]

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – Indus.AI

Indus.AI. Automates the monitoring, tracking, analysis and reporting for a diverse range of construction activities. They do this by using a network of cameras powered by computer vision to provide insights into on-site risks and project progress. Project managers, superintendents, owners and other stakeholders are able to access real-time insights […]