About PCC Integrate

In 2023, PCC Integrate is evolving after 16-years of designing and installing integrated low-voltage IT for tenant fit-out projects. After recognizing a gap in the modular prefabricated building construction world and two years of research we are commencing the next phase of our journey.

By using the expertise gained we can bridge the low-voltage integrated IT services gap in the prefabricated building construction industry. We are scaling up, expanding services, and locally producing a proven industry ‘disruptive’ solution to complete the PropTech and ConTech landscape.

Our prefabricated IT cabling system for the commercial enterprise, enables Smart building technology integration while addressing the continuous challenges in the construction environment. Specific pain points include the lack of labour and skills resources and the time pressures to deliver completed projects quickly, efficiently, and on time. At the same time addressing the need for sustainable and scalable efficiencies within a building.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Architecture/Design, Building Products, Building Systems, Communication, Connectivity, Design, Interior Design, Materials, Modular Structures, Prefabrication & Modular Structures, Project Management, Reseller/Distributor, Smart Cities, Sustainability, Technology Development, Telecommunications, Training & Development

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PropTech Award Winner 2021