About Toric

With Toric you can:

Connect all your data from Procore, BIM, spreadsheets and finance systems into one workspace

Enhance, process, visualize and tell a story with all of your data right from Toric

Easily share reports with all stakeholders

Integration Summary
Toric’s is a data workspace allowing organizations to consolidate data for analysis and insights. With Toric, it’s easy to explore, connect, enhance, process, visualize, and tell a story with data.

Toric can pull data from Procore, BIM, spreadsheets and finance systems, allowing construction professionals to build dashboards, reports and data-apps. Leverage 50+ pre-built dataflows for estimations, BIM model auditing and project progress tracking right from Procore.

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California, United States
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Data Analytics, Estimating

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Jeff Ayers

Sales Lead

Jeff Ayers

Sales Lead

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