2022 Building Tech 50 Report


Welcome to the 2022 Building Tech 50 Report! In this report, we will cover key aspects and trends of the Building Tech industry and its significant players. The Building Tech 50 Report aims to expand on and add more depth of perspective to the Building Tech 50 List, which highlights the companies that we recognized as this year's top 5o Building Tech companies. The first section of this report will give a brief overview of our building tech categories, the second section of this report will dive into the venture raises of the Building Tech 50 companies and their individual categories, and the third section will break down the average company year found by category to display the increasing growth in the space.

Section 1

Asset Management: Asset Management in the building tech area refers to software systems and applications that allow users to manage various aspects of their buildings, such as energy usage, from one central location as well as view vital building data and analytics. From tech that monitors and controls air quality to building utilization management, companies under our asset management category build technology to modernize building control.

Tenant Services: Tenant Services companies provide unique experiences for buildings that differentiate the buildings from other competitors. With service technology, tenants can be brought in and retained with digital experiences and added amenities.

High-Performance Materials: High-Performance Materials refer to the impactful technology used in the construction of modern buildings. From smart windows to reduced-carbon building processes, high-performance materials are changing the way we develop the next generation of eco-friendly and smart buildings.

Energy Systems & HVAC: Energy Systems & HVAC tech companies are revolutionizing the built environment and pushing us further toward a carbon-free ecosystem. Advances are made daily in this field, from energy-generating flooring to high-tech ventilation systems.

Sensors & Robotics: Sensors & Robotics is one of our newest and most innovative categories in the building tech list. Companies in the space have added to building tech with building facade cleaning robots and electromagnetic sensors.

Modular Systems: Our Modular Systems companies use their technology to build offsite, prefabricated structures that make the building process significantly more efficient and safe. From prefabricated homes to modular wall systems, modular companies continue to improve the way we build.

Real Estate Tech: Real Estate Tech covers a very wide spectrum of technology. Our Building Tech 50 List real estate tech companies have built an array of revolutionary products such as commercial real estate data management systems and advanced leasing software.

Interiors: The Interiors category comprises companies that modernize the interior of our buildings. Such advancements include smart lighting systems and live plant ecosystem design features.

Internet of Things: The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connection and communication system of our buildings' technology. IoT allows us to connect and control our assets in way that are hard to believe. From door opening systems to hospitality IoT solutions, building tech IoT companies are on the forefront of built world innovation.

Section 2

The pie chart above displays the proportion of total venture funding of our Building Tech 50 companies by category. In total, Energy Systems & HVAC and Real Estate Tech led the way with roughly $683 million and $447 million raised respectively. These numbers make sense as innovation in the Energy Systems & HVAC and Real Estate Tech categories has been around longer than all of the other categories (see average year found below). However, this chart may be a little bit misleading as the top 3 categories by amount raised have more companies on the Building Tech 50 List than the other categories. To gain a better understanding of the average amount raised by company in each category please continue to the chart below.

The chart above displays the average amount raised by company in each category. Although the rankings are similar to the first pie chart, this chart paints a different, more accurate picture. To view the individual company raises please view the chart below. In total, our Building Tech 50 List companies have raised just under $2 billion.


Section 3

Building Tech 50 - Average Founding Year

Category Average Founding Year
Energy Systems & HVAC 2013
Real Estate Tech 2014
High-Performance Materials 2015
Asset Management 2016
Modular Systems 2016
Interiors 2016
Tenant Services 2018
Sensors & Robotics 2018
Internet of Things 2018

The above data table displays the average founding year of the companies in each category. This data table shows just how far built world technology has come in just the last ten years. To gain a better understanding of the relatively recent advancements in the building tech sector, view the pie chart below.

The above pie chart displays the number of companies on our Building Tech 50 List created prior to 2015 and those created from 2015 to the present. Clearly, the majority of innovation in the built world has happened in the past few years. This statistic excites us here at BuiltWorlds and leads us to believe that innovation in the space will only continue to increase.