ABB South Africa Longmeadow Campus

This 96,000 square foot facility houses ABB’s South African Headquarters as well as a large manufacturing, communications, and logistics center. The Longmeadow campus was completed and brought online in 2009, and was designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind. The project set a new standard for green building in South Africa, and features solar panels, a grey-water recycling system, energy-efficient lighting, a maximization of natural light, and a minimization of energy loss. In 2016, the facility was upgraded with its own microgrid technology to provide uninterrupted, sustainably-sourced power.

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Project Features/Advancements

  • Longmeadow’s use of microgrid technology is consistent with ABB’s dedication to sustainability and efficiency in building. The integrated solar-diesel grid showcases the potential for decentralized energy generation on a large scale. With South Africa’s ongoing struggle to provide consistent and sufficient electricity throughout the country, the microgrid ensures that ABB’s facility has access to an uninterrupted power supply through power outages and scheduled load shedding. The grid’s reliance on renewables also addresses concerns over the volatility of fossil fuel prices and the environmental concerns associated with traditional energy generation.