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Project Delivery - From Preconstruction through Turnover and from the office and the in the field, this is place where the industry's leading technology experts convene to explore innovative technology helping builders operate smarter and more efficiently and also better manage the risks associated with project safety, schedules, quality, and costs.

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April 13, 2022

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2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 2) – BIM-Based Project Management

2020 Project Delivery Conference Sponsors: Gold Sponsor: Sensera Systems Workshop Sponsor: WakeCap Silver Sponsors: AISC, Raken, Recon Dynamics Speakers: Chitwan Saluja, Digital Technology Manager, Jacobs Phil Lazarus, Digital Delivery Manager, Jacobs Session Overview:  BIM has been a major factor in the design, planning, operations, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure. However, one area that many believe BIM can play a […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 2) – Building an Effective Data Management Dashboard

2020 Project Delivery Conference Sponsors: Gold Sponsor: Sensera Systems Workshop Sponsor: WakeCap Silver Sponsors: AISC, Raken, Recon Dynamics Speakers: Rob Wagner, Sr. Project Manager & Operations, Del Amo Construction Matt Redman, Operations & Technical Development Coordinator, Del Amo Construction Session Overview:  The data coming off the jobsites and from our projects can be extremely valuable, but only when properly managed. […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference – Field Communication & Productivity

Speakers: Jake Olsen, CEO, DADO Chris Weaver, Director of Technology, Andy J. Egan Co. Session Overview:  Effective on-site communication between field workers, managers, and the office can be the difference between a project that stays on track and one that wavers. Hear from leading specialty contractors how they’re leveraging technology to better communicate with their […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 3) – Utilizing Drones in Construction

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 3) Session Recording – Utilizing Drones in Construction Speakers: John Niles, Virtual Construction Manager, HITT Contracting Lamar Milstead, Director, Enterprise Sales & Partnership, Airmap Paul Gromadzki, Director of Enterprise Solutions, DroneBase Session Overview:  Progress documentation, quality control, and other important construction practices can be performed through a variety of reality […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference: Bechtel, DPR, and Clune on Leveraging Technology for a Safer Jobsite

Bechtel, DPR, Clune talk Tech in Safety

Session Overview:  Construction jobsites can be unpredictable and, at times, dangerous environments, but technology is helping industry players mitigate risks and create a safer experience for workers. This panel will explore the safety solutions and subsequent data analysis that’s helping create a safer worker place for laborers. Speakers: Mike Themanson, National Safety Director, Clune Construction […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference – WakeCap Wearables Workshop With Besix

wake cap workshop

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 2) Session Recording – WakeCap Workshop Speakers: Daniel Pifko, VP North America, WakeCap Luis Miguel Monteiro, Project Director, Besix Session Overview:  In this workshop, attendees had the opportunity to interact with the WakeCap team while getting an inside look into a live project dashboard of a WakeCap user, Besix. Learn […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference – Digital Solutions for Safer Equipment Operation

Netarus and W.M. Jordan reality capture in construction

Speakers: Chris Machut, Chief Technology Officer, Netarus HoistCam Raynald Morris, CTO & VDC Director, WM Jordan Geoff Bean, Virtual Construction Coordinator, WM Jordan Session Overview:  Operating equipment in a safe and efficient manner is critical to any contractor’s business, but the nature of the construction jobsite often leaves operators and other field personnel in a […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference: Process Management with Aviv Leibovici, buildots

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 2) Session Recording – Process Management Session Overview:  Not only is technology changing how we execute our work: it’s influencing how construction professionals can manage their projects. Learn how construction executives are leveraging new solutions to make the office and the field feel closer than they ever have. Speakers: Aviv […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference, DPR’s Charlie Dunn, Digital Twin Visualization is our Superpower: Planning with a Time Machine

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 1) Session Recording – Digital Twin Visualization is our Superpower: Planning with a Time Machine Speakers: Charlie Dunn, Project Storyteller, DPR Construction Session Overview:  The benefits of utilizing digital twin and visualization technology in pre-construction have been well-documented. Namely, enhanced collaboration opportunities between project stakeholders are helping built industry professionals […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 2) – Leveraging Data for Predictive Analytics

Project Analystics

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 2) Session Recording – Leveraging Data for Predictive Analytics Session Overview:  We’ve recognized from adjacent industries how predictive analytics can be critical for identifying both problems and opportunities long before they occur. We’ll explore how construction can apply those same strategies and successes to their own business practices. Speakers: Meirav […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference: Integrating the Contractor’s Tech Stack, Ryan Moret & Sri Murali of McCarthy

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 2) Session Recording – Integrating the Contractor’s Tech Stack Session Overview:  As more and more construction technology solutions are made available, ensuring that the information that they collect and produce isn’t siloed is critical for efficient operations. Understand the importance of an integrated tech stack by hearing real-life experiences of […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference: BIM in Scheduling & Planning, Clive Jordan, Co-Founder, Plannerly and Darren Roos, BIM/VDC Director, Bernards

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 1) Session Recording – BIM in Scheduling & Planning Session Overview:  How can companies utilize BIM for better scheduling, sequencing, and planning? VDC teams and BIM management platform providers are helping contractors easily plan and visualize their projects during preconstruction. Learn what digital tools they are using to catch problems […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference: Automating Design & Digital Twins with Mike Bauer and Rob Otani of Thornton Thomasetti

Session Overview: Thornton Tomasetti’s Mike Bauer and Rob Otani will present past, present and future digital workflows for Konstru.  Konstru is a cloud-based data visualization and a common data environment that facilitates automated design and enables scalable and perpetual Digital Twins.  The presentation will include use cases from a number of built projects to highlight […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference: The Connected Job Site With Andy Lambert, Milwaukee Tools

Session Overview:  At our July Project Delivery Conference, Milwaukee Tool’s, Andy Lambert gave us a great primer on what we mean when we talk about the smart or connected job site today.  With an influx of tracking devices, reality capture solutions, and other on-site technologies, there are many ways to collect data on the job […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference:- Material Readiness at the Enterprise Level. Kiewit and Jovix.

Kiewit and Jovix on Materials Management

Session Overview:  The Construction Supply Chain has long-served as a bottleneck for successful projects, creating unexpected delays and unwanted problems. In this session, we’ll hear firsthand how Kiewit is partnering with Jovix to implement a Digital Supply Chain program, and putting this new technology-enabled innovation into action across a global Supply Chain on a large-scale […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 1) – Constructing an End-to-End Technology Roadmap

2020 Project Delivery Conference Sponsors: Gold Sponsor: Sensera Systems Workshop Sponsor: WakeCap Silver Sponsors: AISC, Raken, Recon Dynamics Speakers: Rawle Sawh, Director of VDC, Gilbane Building Company Chad Knutson, Sr. VDC Manager, Gilbane Building Company Session Overview:  Developing a company-wide technology roadmap can be a difficult task, and ensuring it meets your goals can be even harder. Hear from an industry leader who is […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 1) – Driving Innovation & Technology Adoption

2020 Project Delivery Conference Sponsors: Gold Sponsor: Sensera Systems Workshop Sponsor: WakeCap Silver Sponsors: AISC, Raken, Recon Dynamics Session Overview: When it comes to identifying, understanding, and using new technology, there can be a lot of noise. Learn how contractors are bringing process to their innovation efforts to ensure effective implementation and ROI. Speakers: Dan Smolilo, Director of Process & […]

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