Find and Attract Tech-Savvy Industry Talent and Industry-Savvy Tech Talent By Leveraging BuiltWorlds’ Powerful Platform.

One of the hardest parts about building a technology-forward business with a strong culture of innovation is finding talent that brings a mix of industry and technology skills and a thirst for leading. Fortunately, BuiltWorlds’ robust platform reaches far beyond our members to thousands of people across the Built World ecosystem hungry for opportunities to work with leaders in the construction industry.

To help our member companies with their recruiting efforts and our broader community of engaged professionals with their career development goals, BuiltWorlds, the leading network for innovators in the built environment, offers a powerful careers platform. Member companies can reach the industry’s leading tech savvy talent by posting their career opportunities to our BuiltWorlds job board. These posts also pin to their company pages, our BuiltWorlds Careers social media, and elsewhere. Connecting the industry’s most innovative talent with our innovation-leading membership, is just another way BuiltWorlds is helping us forge a new and better industry.

How BuiltWorlds Careers works:

1. When your company becomes a BuiltWorlds Member, you can submit jobs directly through your dashboard side panel.  

You can also see how many job postings you get with your membership package and manage your posts right from your dashboard.

2. We post your job(s) on our industry leading Job Board ( and on your Directory Page

The BuiltWorlds Job Board is a curation of tech and innovation-oriented job opportunities from leading built industry companies. We’ll also post your job on your “Directory Page” an employment branding opportunity to showcase your company’s best job opportunities and industry leadership.

3. We actively promote your job(s) to our community

This is where we put on our marketing hats and start getting the word out about your job. Through our Newsletters, BW Careers and BuiltWorlds social feeds, and through every link to your page from a mention of your company’s name in an article, from a sponsorship, at an event, and elsewhere, our platform actively promotes open jobs to our broader community.

It all goes back to your directory page. So, you’ll want to make sure that page is populated with great images, videos, news and other information about your company to promote interest in your open positions.

4. When a candidate applies, you get notified.

When a candidate finds your job through BW Careers, you get notified directly through email within 24 hours. The email will contain contact info, resume, and any other pieces of info you’ll need to take the next step with your candidate. You can also tie the BuiltWorlds system directly into your applicant tracking system.

5. Make Your Hires and Be Sure to Add Your New Colleague to Your BuiltWorlds Member User Group!

When you get a candidate to apply, they are yours! You’re free to contact them, interview them, hire them, with no strings attached. Happy hiring!

Here’s what clients are saying about BuiltWorlds Careers

“We’re a 30-person General Contractor and we’ve hired 8 people successfully in the last year through your platform. Not many other digital services deliver those results.”


“Unlike the big job boards with no focus, BuiltWorlds has created a product puts you to get in front of a highly targeted audience of built industry professionals. We’re not throwing darts at a wall anymore.”


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