Capital Construction Solutions

About Capital Construction Solutions

The volume and complexity of construction knowledge today requires information to be delivered consistently, correctly, and safely. We believe in sharing best practices to help people reduce risks in construction and renovation projects, by leveraging the latest mobile and web technologies.

Capital Construction Solutions is developing a module-based knowledge sharing platform to mitigate risk in construction by tackling 30 specific friction points. By developing a suite of Best in Class mobile applications using information available from forward leaning experts, industry knowledge and government research, best practices will be effortlessly provided to the industry via their mobile devices. A back end analytic website solution enables companies to create customized risk management solutions to all employees regardless of the mobile device used. Inherent to all solutions is a real-time performance management reporting system that creates executive dashboards to report critical project risk management items to all levels of an organization. In addition, Capital Construction Solutions has integrated a lessons learned component into every solution so all members of an organization can report recommended procedure, process, training and contractual changes required to ensure that the company has a robust continuous improvement process.

Key Facts

Established: 2014
Type: General Contractor
Headquarters: Chicago IL


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