About CAZ Investments

Since our inception in 2001, we have dedicated ourselves to finding the best opportunities to invest our personal capital while also providing our relationships with the ability to co-invest alongside us. Individually we are small, but collectively we are the equivalent of a large institutional investor with superior access and buying power.

We Invest Our Own Capital – We always invest our personal capital alongside you. We have more than $300 million of our capital committed to our investment vehicles and are typically the largest investor in each of them.

We Provide Access to Innovative Investing – Because of the scale of the investments we make, we have access to opportunities generally unavailable to families with less than $250-$500 million of investable assets.

We Align Our Interests with Yours – The majority of our compensation is performance-based. In most cases, if our co-investors don’t make money we don’t get paid. This ultimate alignment of interests is why we focus on finding the absolute best risk/reward opportunities available.

Key Facts

Texas, United States
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Traditional Investor


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