About Van Pelt Construction

At Van Pelt Construction Company, we pride ourselves on our
exceptional work, our highly personalized service, our commitment to client satisfaction, and our people. Each of our employees shares in this philosophy – from the superintendents in the field to the executives in the office.
The success of the Van Pelt Construction Company is due to a number of important factors, like our emphasis on quality, our commitment to the client, our highly qualified team of professionals.

Each project team is comprised of a number of skilled professionals with extensive construction experience. Each individual, with their specific skill set, is matched appropriately to any given project. Based on the project requirements, and the specific needs and wants of the client, we assess accordingly and then provide both superior service and a superior end result. Whereas other contractors are not able to do so, we are able to exceed each of our client’s expectations.

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Illinois, United States
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General Contractor