About Wondrwall

Wondrwall is a technology company dedicated to changing the way we live and how we use energy. Wondrwall is passionate about reinventing the way we live, by creating intelligent and convenient net zero homes using the latest technology innovation. Today’s lives are busier than ever and our climate is changing, that’s why at Wondrwall we have created a range of products that help you to manage your home and it’s energy use, so you don’t have to! Our intelligent software and IoT products uses the latest self learning technology, along with a multitude of sensors that continuously monitors daily routines and adjusts itself for your convenience, and to save valuable energy. Our easy to use and intuitive home automation system provides you with app and voice control for lighting, heating, security and entertainment all in one place. Along with our clean energy solution, providing the latest solar PV systems and battery storage that can reduce energy consumption by as much as 90%. With rising fuel costs and inefficient traditional gas powered heating, we have created an infrared heating and efficient hot water system that not only looks amazing but takes up less space and will save energy consumption by a staggering 60%.

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Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
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Energy Products, HVAC