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Building Tech Forum Meeting



4.13.2023 12:00PM - 1:00PM


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In a world that is becoming increasingly data-centric, building and project managers need a centralized system that connects all operations. The group will assess the cost/benefit of implementing various IoT solutions in their buildings and on their sites, as well as the implications of doing so. David Mullens, Lean Manager with Mortenson, and Peter Bysshe, Brand Development with Recon Dynamics / Pillar Technologies, will lead the conversation and provide perspective on trends and innovations in IoT / connectivity. 

About the Forum

This is an open forum for sustainability and ESG-focused professionals to meet monthly and discuss innovations in building technology. The forum will seek to foster an environment where active participants in the space can connect and share the thoughts, strategies, and frustrations of today, and hear about the solutions of the future. Together, these conversations can shape the way our organizations operate, build, and innovate to improve the future of the built world. Access to this forum is open to all BuiltWorlds members, though there is an emphasis on green building initiatives. Click here to learn more about our Forums, or email staff@builtworlds.com for details on how to join!


Peter Bysshe

Brand Development, RECON Dynamics

Sean Wrenn

Senior Analyst, BuiltWorlds

David Mullins

Lean Manager, Mortenson Construction

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