6.5.24 Analyst Call – Field Management II: Site Safety Technology


6.5.2024 10:00AM - 11:00AM


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Join us on the Field Management II: Site Safety Technology Analyst Call as we explore some of the solutions for ensuring site safety within the AEC industry.

Construction sites are inherently dynamic environments, characterized by various hazards and risks. Prioritizing safety measures mitigates the potential for accidents and injuries, fostering a secure atmosphere for workers to carry out their tasks. Beyond the ethical responsibility, a commitment to safety significantly impacts project outcomes. The integration of robust safety protocols is integral to the holistic success of construction projects, ensuring the protection of individuals and the seamless progress of operations.

Our expert panel will engage in key discussions on emerging site safety technologies, drawing from insights in the Builtworlds' 2023 Field Solutions Benchmarking Report. Don't miss this opportunity to discover strategies for ensuring a safe and productive worksite.

This BuiltWorlds Analyst Call is the second in a series of five Field Management thematic sessions in 2024.

Are you a contractor leveraging site safety technology on your job sites? Take our Field Solutions Survey to see where your technology adoption compares to your peers.


Paul Cardis

Co-Founder and CEO, On3

David Ward

CEO & Founder, Safe Site Check In LLC

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